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Time and Activity Management (TAM)

Time and Activity
Management (TAM)

  • Collect time and activities
  • Plan your teams efficiently
  • Automate mobility calculations
  • Process pre-payment and settlement data
  • Manage leave and absences
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On-site resource management

On-site resource

  • Join the MyLegalDocs network
  • Simplify your CheckIn@Work
  • Control attendance and access
  • Ensure the compliance of your subcontractors
  • Digitalise the worksite reception process
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Monitoring material resources

material resources

  • Easily allocate your equipment on site
  • Monitor your fleet's activity (geolocation, event tracking, badges, speeding)
  • Automate data processing (site allocation, CO2 tax calculation, etc.)
  • Optimise your fleet (utilisation rate reports, maintenance plan, etc.)
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« With Traxxeo, we have saved time while increasing the efficiency of our time management »

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Cristian Guerrero Laguna

Works Group Manager SENDIN

« The best thing about Traxxeo is having great visibility on my workers. Traxxeo allows me to dispatch the work to the right people in the right places. »

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Pierre-Etienne Eloy

Managing Director ELOY

« EIFFAGE BENELUX has digitized its harvesting processes of hours per task. The TRAXXEO application replaces paper time sheets, the data is immediately available for business management and HR. TRAXXEO is the specialist in the construction sector for the collection and analysis of data from mobile applications, on-board telematics equipment or connected objects. »

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Rudy Sherer

Chief Digital Officier, Eiffage Benelux

« We chose Traxxeo because they reassured us on several topics. First off, it is a company that addresses the construction industry and specializes in meeting its specific needs. There have been such time savings that we are now able to analyze the data rather than spend time processing it. We also have access to a dashboard of indicators and statistics which allow us to focus on the profitability of our projects and, therefore, on the efficiency of the teams. »

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Éléonore Collard

Administrative & Financial Director, Silicéo

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Managing mobile resources in the field is a real challenge: who is actually on site? For how long? Replace your Excel files and telephone calls with a single platform in order to plan your requirements, capture field data and monitor your operations in real time. Benefit from views that are customized to the needs of each user.

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Leading SMEs and large companies in the construction, civil engineering, energy and infrastructure sectors put their trust in Traxxeo to meet the challenges around their mobile resources.



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We offer advice to help you improve your project management


We offer advice to help you improve your project management

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Frequently asked questions

A good time and activity management (ATM) software is the one that allows to manage and follow the working times in an efficient and organized way, for a good project management. A good time management software allows you to plan teams, manage employee absences, or even closely monitor hours worked, in order to establish employee payroll and accurately track labor costs. . Whether for human resources, payroll managers, financial managers or operations managers, suitable time management software is a considerable help in business.
Your choice of planning tool will depend on your needs. Small businesses can turn to software such as Trello or Outlook, or even make do with an Excel file or a free online tool with limited functionality. For larger companies looking for professional software, it will be necessary to clearly identify the requirements (task planning, staff, machines, etc.) and the characteristics specific to the sector (permanent teams or not, travelling or not, etc.). To make the right choice and select the best software, it is essential to turn to a publisher that meets both your needs and your specific requirements.
Access control systems generally use a combination of verification methods, such as smart cards, access codes, biometric readers and identification badges. In the building industry, the most common methods are RFID badges and tags, QR code readers, etc. Traxxeo’s access control system can also read BPW cards and identity cards. The system authenticates the worker and grants access based on their administrative status.
When choosing your time clock, it’s important to consider various criteria such as the type of connection (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), the type of identification card (RFID card, smart card, etc.), the data capture method (image capture, voice recognition, etc.) and the possibility of using a mobile time clock. If you have a mobile workforce, consider turning to a specialist publisher such as Traxxeo, who can help you choose the best technology and process to put in place.

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