Digital resource management: for optimum equipment management

Machinery, tools and vehicles represent a significant cost center. Good management allows you to keep these costs under control, while ensuring that your business runs smoothly. Traxxeo offers digital material planning and tracking tools for optimum management of your resources.

Digital tools for material management

Do you have a lot of worksite machinery, all scattered across your various projects? Traxxeo has developed a complete platform for managing your worksite resources.

Equipment fleet management: the digital assignment plan

Traxxeo digitises your assignment plan, for reactive planning of your worksite machinery on all your projects. The project view lets you easily specify the machinery and vehicle requirements for your worksites. The view dedicated to vehicles and machines lets you view the schedule for all your worksite equipment and organise it in detail.

Geolocation software for precise tracking of your fleet

Geolocation is an essential tool for good fleet management. Thanks to geolocation software, you can track the location of your equipment in real time and optimise the management of your movements. You can also monitor vehicles’ fuel consumption and speed, as well as obtaining up-to-date information on drivers’ routes and working hours.

Activity analysis and cost accounting, for optimum management of activities

While managing equipment is a complex process, analysing activities enables resources to be managed in an informed way. Accurately track the use of your fleet, spot any non-compliant events and simplify the work of equipment managers thanks to automation. You can also refine your financial monitoring by automatically allocating vehicles and machines to cost centers.

GPS trackers, IoT... Technology at the service of material management

GPS trackers, or IoT (Internet of Things), take advantage of the best in digital technology to keep precise track of your material resources. Geolocation tracking of your vehicles allows you to monitor the location and use of your fleet at any time, wherever you are.

Connected management of your worksite machinery with Traxxeo

An expert in worksite resource management, Traxxeo has developed a complete and unique platform for managing, planning and tracking your machines and vehicles. Maintain control over your activities and manage resources responsively, thanks to precise and regularly updated analyses.

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