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HR processes: how to digitize time tracking? – Testimonial from Silicéo

Why digitize the collection of hours worked data?

In the construction industry in particular, the Human Resources department is faced daily with the challenge of a decentralized workforce. Paper or Excel-based processes have had their day. Today, digital solutions offer HR in the construction sector more efficient, accurate and compliant management of hours worked, contributing to overall optimization of operations.

Silicéo was founded in 2009 and addresses a clientele of farmers, industrialists, tertiary sectors and communities in the northern half of France, for whom they install and maintain photovoltaic power plants.

In order to support its hypergrowth, Silicéo wanted to make their work processes more fluid, by providing their teams with the right tools and in particular digital solutions. Silicéo chose Traxxeo in order to help the HR department save time in their management of field personnel’s working hours.

“We chose Traxxeo because they reassured us on several topics. First off, it is a company that addresses the construction industry and specializes in meeting its specific needs.

There have been such time savings that we are now able to analyze the data rather than spend time processing it.

We also have access to a dashboard of indicators and statistics which allow us to focus on the profitability of our projects and, therefore, on the efficiency of the teams.”

– Eléonore Collard, Administrative & Financial Director, Silicéo

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