Eiffage BENELUX, the ideal partner for the digital transition of their site assets

Eiffage BENELUX, the ideal partner for the digital transition of their site assets


  • Part of the Eiffage group
  • 14 operating subsidiaries in construction, civil engineering, real estate development, etc.
  • 2000 employees 
  • €645m turnover
  • Head office: Brussels (Belgium)

Among the largest European companies in construction, energy systems, infrastructure and outsourcing, Eiffage Benelux took the decision ten years ago to put their trust in Traxxeo to ensure control over their projects and efficiency of their internal processes. A decision the company is pleased to have made!

Eiffage Benelux operates in civil engineering, real estate development, environmental and hydraulic engineering, carpentry, construction and industrial engineering. With 2000 employees and a €645 million annual turnover, Eiffage Benelux has been in business for 25 years and sets itself apart today by its broad technical skills and knowledge.

Eiffage Benelux called on Traxxeo’s services to streamline and simplify its attendance monitoring and equipment geolocation processes, which were cumbersome and inefficient. Thanks to this collaboration and the integration of such digital tools, the pressure on the site teams was reduced significantly, and the efficiency on site and in the offices improved considerably.

A long-lasting collaboration

For ten years Eiffage Benelux and Traxxeo have been working together to rejuvenate the company and improve accuracy. In 2010 they identified an increasingly urgent need to improve the speed and accuracy of data processing relating to localisation and attendance.

Traxxeo suggested three tools to help them to meet this need: digital clocking in, geolocation of vehicles and machines, and attendance monitoring. This partnership soon proved to be fruitful: “things are simpler, clearer, more precise and more accurate, both for site managers to do the monitoring, and for team leaders, who feel valued”, Eric le Naon, site manager, tells us.

Build employee loyalty through digital tools

Convincing site workers to change tools poses a real challenge for a construction company. However, Traxxeo’s tools have enabled Eiffage Benelux’s teams to be empowered. The ergonomics of Traxxeo’s software, which is easy to use and adapt to the different needs of digital clocking in, have meant fast adoption of this digital solution by all stakeholders.

“Change is often a sensitive area in companies, particularly in time tracking and payroll. However, Traxxeo’s support has enabled us to overcome this challenge.”

Aurélien Mater, financial controller.

The teams also benefit from the comprehensive and robust range of tools offered by Traxxeo, which has enabled numerous processes to be digitalised without the need for extra partners.

A revolution for connecting sites with head office

In the past, the foreman would write down hours on a sheet, give it to the operator who would correct the errors then send it to HR, who would then use it for payroll. Writing down these hours on paper in a scribbled or illegible manner was a cumbersome, tedious and time-consuming administrative task without any added value.

The overview of hours worked, required for calculating salaries and correctly invoicing site clients, is now faster and more accurate, and is managed within one digital solution. This more modern and professional tool has enabled Eiffage Benelux to establish a standard of work for everyone.

Visible increase in productivity after a few months

By digitising the sharing of information between operators and site managers, HR and business managers, Eiffage Benelux’s teams have been able to avoid errors faster and save themselves a laborious administrative task. In addition to time, the numerous errors caused by manual coding were also becoming problematic.

Today the teams are pleased to be able to concentrate on the core of their job and make the company more dynamic and transparent. The return on investment is huge: daily management is better monitored, overview of data is more intelligent, and the increased speed of data transmission is significant.

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