The centralised access control system for all your worksites

Secure access to your worksites and ensure legal compliance at all times. Easily manage access from the field or the office.

The advantages of worksite access monitoring
with Traxxeo

Manage the entries of your workers and subcontractors centrally.
Be alerted to any anomaly and take action instantly, wherever you are.

A complete digital platform for a global view

  • Management of all workers, subcontractors and visitors on a single platform.
  • A consolidated view of who’s working on your worksites.
  • Checks on presence by subcontractor, batch, etc.

Advanced features for optimum security

  • Access management based on updated administrative status
  • Multi-criteria control process: safety reception, legal order, personal history, etc.
  • Fewer thefts and accidents thanks to the worksite ban system

A flexible system, suitable for any building contractor

  • It can be integrated with existing access control systems, or intelligent time clocks can be installed.
  • Automatic processing of collected data.
  • A simple and effective process, limiting the risk of fines and penalties in the event of an inspection

Access control based on up-to-date data, for seamless compliance

Manage staff access rights based on their administrative status, security clearance, history, etc. Data is constantly checked to provide the highest possible level of security.

Multichannel registration: RFID badges, access cards, QR codes, labels, etc

Control access using RFID badges, QR code readers, RFID tags, professional BPW cards, ID cards... Register new workers or visitors from the mobile application and check their right of access to the site in real time.

Taking corrective action in the field

Allow the worksite manager to take action directly from the field: carry out and record checks, refuse access, add a document, regularise a worker, etc.

Turnkey: we install the equipment or integrate it into your existing installations

Turnstiles, barriers, doors, gates... select the equipment best suited to your site, or combine Access Control software with your existing installations.
1. Multichannel registration
2. Taking action
3. Turnkey

Discover the features that make all the difference

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Frequently Asked Questions

An access control system is a digital solution for controlling access to installations, buildings and/or information. Its primary role is generally to ensure the security of a location, goods and information. In buildings, it ensures that only authorised personnel in good administrative order, or duly authorised visitors, are allowed on site. The site access control system not only ensures compliance with the law, but also contributes to the safety of worksite personnel.
Access control systems generally use a combination of verification methods, such as smart cards, access codes, biometric readers and identification badges. In the building industry, the most common methods are RFID badges and tags, QR code readers, etc. Traxxeo’s access control system can also read BPW cards and identity cards. The system authenticates the worker and grants access based on their administrative status.
There are two main categories of access control, closed systems and open systems. The former draw up a list of authorised persons. The second operates by excluding unauthorised personnel. However, an “open” system may only guarantee access to people who meet certain criteria. Certain individuals can be excluded from this list of authorised persons. This is the case, for example, with workers who are “banned from building sites”.
Installing a site access control system is not always complicated. First and foremost, the system must meet the needs of the worksite(s). A type of physical access control will be chosen to suit (gantries, barriers, turnstiles, etc.). Whether it’s a physical or digital access control system, choosing the right professional solution will make the installation process much easier.

Since 2018, France has imposed certain criteria on companies wishing to install a biometric access system. The 3 conditions are :

  1. Proving a real need: the contractor must be able to justify a real need

  2. Leaving the choice to the employee: the employee must give explicit consent

  3. Remain under the sole control of the employee: only the employee should be able to access his or her biometric profile

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