Worksite management and safety: greater employee compliance with digital tools

Ensuring the safety of a worksite is a constant challenge. Traxxeo can help you better manage your staff’s compliance.

Worksite inspections by the labour inspectorate: a matter of safety

The main task of the labour inspectorate is to ensure that health and safety rules are applied on worksites. It also ensures that workers’ social rights are respected, thereby combating social dumping and unfair competition. To avoid fines and penalties when inspections are carried out, companies must guarantee that the staff working on their sites comply with the regulations. Traxxeo can help you with this administrative work so that it doesn’t impact the productivity of your teams.

Tools to improve administrative compliance of staff

Find out about the digital tools you can use to keep your staff’s administration in order, without spending hours on it.

Electronic document management, an essential aid

Traxxeo’s electronic document management (EDM) is an essential tool that makes it easy to dematerialise, electronically identify, read, analyse and share staff administrative documents. Document management is simplified thanks to a single platform, powered by artificial intelligence, which digitises and centralises the management of employees’ administrative files.

Presence monitoring for optimum compliance

Traxxeo’s presence monitoring application enables you to check the administrative status of your worksite personnel at any time and from any location. Check presence, welcome a new employee, verify the conformity of employees present, add a missing document… all from an easy-to-use mobile application. Ensuring optimum compliance for people working on the site is simple and straightforward.

The Check in At Work, a social security obligation in Belgium

In Belgium the National Social Security Office (NSSO) requires daily presence records to be kept for worksite employees on any project costing more than €500,000 (excluding VAT). This is known as the “Check in At Work”.

Traxxeo simplifies the management of Check in At Work, from recording presence to managing NSSO remarks. In this way, companies can easily protect themselves from criminal and financial penalties.

Access control for optimum site safety

The construction sector is one of the most dangerous workplaces. The presence of untrained or unauthorised personnel undeniably represents an additional danger. In addition to presence control, Traxxeo offers a digital access control system for regulating site entrances and exits. Authorise access to the site based on data updated in real time (administrative order, worksite ban, etc.).

Follow-up of training courses from the field, for better visibility of skills

In addition to the administrative order of workers, Traxxeo allows you to consult the training, certificates, accreditations, etc. of all your workers at a glance. Look for a worker holding a particular driving license, verify an employee’s entire set of qualifications, confirm the validity of dates… all using one, user-friendly platform. In addition to the web-based management platform, you can also consult a worker’s training and certificates directly in the field, using the mobile application.

Checking personnel compliance to improve safety on the worksite

Safety on worksites is paramount, and monitoring worker compliance is an essential tool for ensuring worker safety. Electronic document management, access control systems, training monitoring… these tools all work together to ensure staff compliance. Qualified, trained and compliant workers can then carry out their work safely and in compliance with contractor and, above all, social security rules.

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