As #1 in the management of mobile resources, our mission is to increase the productivity of your sites

Our goal

With the right technology, data & initiatives, organizations can solve numerous problems and continuously improve their performance.

At TRAXXEO, we are convinced that by digitizing complex business processes, companies in multiple sectors can create enormous efficiency & productivity gains.

The problem

A key problem that we have identified is the lack of connection between mobile assets & central offices which hampers the creation of continuous improvement loops based on data.

Indeed, numerous paper or excel based reports are creating friction in organizations.

Our mission

At TRAXXEO, we want to streamline on-site resources management in order to increase on-site productivity and HQ efficiency, decrease admin burden, avoid delays & budget overruns.

Therefore, TRAXXEO is committed to build the future of mobile resources management with the latest and greatest technology.

They put their trust in us