Traxxeo, your digital transformation partner is the world leader in operational data collection solutions for the construction industry.

TraTraxxeo is the specialist for the construction industry when it comes to the collection and analysis of data from mobile applications mobile, on-board telematics systems or connected objects. We specifically address the needs of companies in the construction industry, including service companies (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, sanitation, security, landscaping, etc.) and infrastructure managers.

The company got under way in 2008 with the automation of the vehicle billing system for SODEMAT (the equipment sourcing subsidiary of the EIFFAGE Benelux Group). Since then, Traxxeo has developed its proprietary tools by combining its deep-going understanding of the building trades and the new technologies de the information and de the communication.

Today, Traxxeo is the leading player in the industry. We serve high-profile customers such as EIFFAGE, ENGIE, VEOLIA, BESIX, CFE, etc.

A collaborative platform to collect, share and analyse your data.

You get to organise the sharing of information between the operatives at the building site, the payroll officers at HR, the account managers and the equipment pool managers.

You put an end to paper forms and multiple data entry efforts. We digitise your processes by using smartphones, tablets and the Internet of Things. Your construction sites are connected and rendered paperless.

  • Paperless operations management :
    • Clocking in and out, time sheets
    • Machinery condition records
    • Intervention reports
    • Health & safety training sessions (tool box meetings, talks, checklists, lists for improvements, etc.)
  • Analysis of your data :
    • Calculation of payroll data
    • Entry of the equipment used when and where
    • Automated measurement of equipment / tool / resource use
  • Small equipment management

Traxxeo, the IoT specialist of the construction industry, guides you in your digital transformation process.

Traxxeo Your paperless construction sites

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Your company needs to step up its efficiency if you mean to remain competitive!

  • The competition is getting increasingly fiercer
  • The cost of labour is constantly rising
  • Your profitability depends on your ability to better manage your manpower, machinery, vehicles, tools.


How did you do business before the mobile phone arrived?

The world is changing, switch to digital!


Your profitability depends on your ability to better manage your resources: manpower, vehicles, tools, machinery.

Nowadays, the new technologies and the new networks allow for new applications that are able to improve the performance of your processes and your company.

  • Tablets and smartphones are replacing paper, and enabling the efficient exchange of structured data (forms, photos, signatures, etc.)
  • Objects are identified by electronic labels
  • Vehicles, machinery and tools are tracked and fitted with communication systems

Profitable businesses are those that know how to seize on these technologies to get better organised and better manage their operations.


TRAXXEO helps construction industry businesses in their digital transformation processes.

We provide a collaborative SAAS platform that enables you to optimise the management of your resources: workforce, sub-contractors, vehicles, machinery, tools.

Traxxeo presents two concepts:

The paperless construction site:

tools adapted to the construction site to make your processes paperless

The connected construction site:

Traxxeo is the leading IoT specialist of the construction industry. Capturing data, extracting the relevant information to better manage your business.

Your paperless solution:
Your paperless construction sites
Time sheets, reports, purchase receipts, safety information sheets, etc. all paperless!

  • The data are immediately available
  • Single data entry
  • Traceability of activities per construction site, project, worker, machine, etc.

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