Sendin digitalizes its Time Management with Traxxeo

“For us, Traxxeo saves a lot of time, provides real time information and accurate data to the HR department”

Cristian Guerrerro Laguna
Head of Operations Group by Sendin

Cristian Guerrerro Laguna
Head of Operations Group

As one of the biggest French players in the construction industry, the Sendin group is the reference company in the production and installation of rebars. Anchored in a continuous improvement approach, Sendin trusted Traxxeo to improve its processes and offer a digital, efficient and dynamic time management to its employees.

Since 1995, the company has participated in the implementation of major projects throughout France. With 1000 employees, the group has doubled its production capacity in 10 years. The company is now active on 150 projects simultaneously. With more than 25 years of experience, the company stands out today for its know-how and efficiency.

In order to consolidate its leading position, the Sendin group called upon Traxxeo to digitalize its Time Management.

The objectives of this digitalization are straightforward:

  • Eliminate paper and tedious, time-consuming and inefficient processes,,
  • Improve the reliability of the collected data,
  • Monitoring activities and having access to data at real-time.

A more reliable, structured and efficient time management

For the employees, the impact is clear. The implementation of Traxxeo’s solutions has allowed :

  • Save a considerable amount of time, both for the site staff and for the HR department,
  • Avoid errors (payroll, temporary workers invoicing, etc.),
  • Guarantee reliable data, available in real time.

The Sendin Group is commited to offer its employees a more efficient, structured and dynamic HR policy, while guaranteeing traceability of time management.

Marjorie Cophy
Payroll officer by Sendin

Marjorie Cophy
Payroll officer | Sendin

Errors generated a significant processing time.

Traxxeo saves time, is reliable and provides a close follow-up of the data.”

Focus on high-value tasks

By eliminating time-consuming and inefficient processes, Sendin has enabled its teams to refocus on high value-added tasks.

The objective is both for HR to provide a more human policy and better support, and for the field to gain in productivity.

A long-term collaboration

Digital technologies are constantly evolving, as are the challenges faced by construction companies. To ensure its long-term competitiveness, “Sendin intends to continue to innovate and pursue its digital transition with Traxxeo”, concludes Luis Martins Cordeiro, the group’s Chief Operating Officer.

Want to go digital ? Discover the solution adopted by Sendin.

Logiciel de gestion des temps - solution de GTA digitale

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