Connected management of your resources: analyse your activities for optimum steering

Traxxeo can digitise your resource management. Traxxeo measures your activities and automatically analyses the data collected, for reactive management of contractor resources.

The advantages of managing your material resources with Traxxeo

Traxxeo specialises in the building and public works sector and associated businesses, offering advanced analytical monitoring and analysis of your activities.

Close monitoring of usage

  • Tracking of starts, stops and pauses
  • Monitoring of usage times
  • Alerts in the event of abnormal / illegal activity

Work made easier thanks to automation

  • Identification of drivers and passages
  • Power supply for HR meters and odometers for precise tracking
  • Automatic allocation of vehicles/machinery to cost centers

Real-time geolocation of vehicles, equipment and machinery

  • Geolocation of vehicles and worksites and intervention sites
  • Identification of exceptions defined according to your business rules
  • Automatic alerts in the event of anomalies

Advanced functionalities to monitor your activities analytically

Equipment fleet management is a crucial issue for many companies. To make this complex task easier, Traxxeo has advanced features that allow you to measure activity and automatically analyse the data collected to extract useful information.

Easily locate your machines and vehicles in real time using our geolocation and monitoring (track & trace) system. Use a single tool to keep track of your vehicles and machines, whether powered (car, truck, van, civil engineering machinery, etc.) or not (trailer, wagon, etc.).

Identify operators or drivers to facilitate responsibility and activity management.

Advanced telemetry and simplified management of maintenance and technical inspections

Traxxeo's analytical tracking solution offers advanced telemetry functionalities. Access relevant data such as hour meters, odometers, error codes and other types of measurement, for accurate monitoring of the use and condition of your fleet. Simplify the management of maintenance plans and technical inspections by drawing up a provisional schedule and receiving alerts in the event of a problem or breakdown.

Automatic document management and allocation for easy regulatory compliance

Traxxeo's fleet management solution also manages the documents associated with each vehicle or machine. Insurance certificates, inspection reports, technical data sheets and other documents can be easily stored and managed to ensure regulatory compliance and traceability. Another feature of the geolocation system is the automatic allocation of machine and vehicle usage. Precise data on the use of your fleet can be obtained so that you can optimise its allocation according to criteria such as duration of use, hours of use or distance travelled.

Operational status management and machine classification for efficient coordination

Efficiently manage the operational status of each machine by defining states such as "in service", "out of service" or "under repair". Plan and coordinate your activities with ease. The fleet management software also incorporates a machine classification tree and dynamic characteristics. Organise your fleet into categories and sub-categories according to their specific features, and get a clear overview of your fleet as well as a better understanding of the performance of each type of machine.

Simplified driver authorisation and reporting for secure management

Define the driving authorisations required for each machine to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Simplify the entry of reports for the equipment department.

Workers can quickly and easily provide information on machine status, problems encountered or maintenance requirements, ensuring that requests are dealt with quickly and that communication between teams in the field and the equipment department runs smoothly.

1. Telemetry
2. Document management
3. Operational status management
4. Driver authorisation

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.