Electronic document management software: simplifies the management of your employees' administrative files

Improve the compliance of your worksites by electronically managing the files of your employees and subcontractors. Internalise their document management, automate workflows and easily share their administrative files with third parties to improve customer relations.

The advantages of electronic management of administrative documents
with Traxxeo

Protect your company’s image with seamless compliance of your worksite personnel. Benefit from an improved relationship with your stakeholders, while reducing the costs of your administrative management.

Simplified management of administrative documents

  • Get a codified list of documents required for each type of worker
  • Centralise all your administrative documents on a single platform
  • Transform PDFs, PNGs, etc. into intelligent data using artificial intelligence

Guaranteed compliance at all times

  • Automatic checks to ensure that documents are valid at all times
  • Receive notification when documents are out of date or invalid
  • Ensure that the administrative status of all workers is compliant thanks to automatic checks and alerts

Easier sharing of administrative files

  • Distribute or receive administrative files for site workers in the blink of an eye
  • Ensure the administrative order of files sent or received
  • Automate the sharing of administrative documents with your customers

A document management platform powered by artificial intelligence

Significantly reduce manual and repetitive tasks thanks to cutting-edge image recognition technology. Make it easy to collect, read and share your administrative documents on a secure platform.

Identity card, construction card, Limosa declaration or A1 document… drag your PNGs, PDFs, JPEGs or other formats directly into the platform to transform them into intelligent data. Have you added an expired or invalid document? You will be alerted immediately.

The document management tool, your digital administrative assistant

Regardless of being a foreign worker, or working at a worksite abroad or domestically, the legal documentation required varies according to the employee's profile. In the building and public works (BPW) sector, there are many different scenarios.

To help you with this complex document management, the platform provides you with a codified list of the documents required for each type of worker, depending on the employer's region, the type of contract and the employee's region.

A complete solution for automating document processing

Traxxeo's document management software does more than just automate the recognition of your documents. The tool also allows you to simplify document processing at every stage. Thanks to automated scanning, all key information is directly digitised and available in the software. The platform directly verifies the accuracy and validity of the uploaded document. Has an expiry date passed? You are immediately alerted and can take action quickly. Are any documents missing? You can easily send clear, precise reminders to the workers or subcontractors concerned.

For subcontractors, simplified sharing of workers' administrative files

Are you a subcontracting company? You will probably have to share the administrative files of your staff working on your customer's sites. This can involve thousands of administrative documents for each of your customers. The administrative order of these files is crucial for your customer relations. Traxxeo's EDM software enables you to easily share all required documents, based on the workers assigned to work for this client over a specific period. No more scanning paper documents or exchanging emails. Exchanging digital documents is just a click away.
1. Digital administrative assistant
2. Document processing
3. Simplified sharing

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.

For general contractors, simplified day-to-day document management

Which employees are in order and which are not? Are my subcontractors' staff in administrative order? As a general contractor, Traxxeo's EDM software gives you a clear, up-to-date overview of the administrative situation of all the staff working on your worksites.

Your managers no longer waste time searching for information or processing paper documents. Electronic document management saves them time, while guaranteeing the compliance of every worker present thanks to the automatic controls of the Traxxeo platform.

A mobile application for managing documents in the field

As a site supervisor, it's not always easy for you to keep an overview of the administrative order of the personnel present on site. Keep your workforce compliant by having instant access to your staff's administrative status from the worksite thanks to an easy-to-use mobile application.

View the list of workers present and their administrative order, in real time
Download and scan new documents directly from the field
Access your database from the mobile application
Create and complete new worker profiles

Discover a document management solution tailored to your business processes!

Gain visibility, take action

Achieve instant insight into the presence of workers
Control the administration and training of workers
Keep a record of the checks carried out
Consult the workers' documentation
Take action based on up-to-date data
Ensure compliance and personal safety on site

1. Simplified document management
2. In the field
3. Gain visibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic document management (EDM) and document management system (DMS) are two terms often used interchangeably. In fact, although they refer to similar processes, their definitions are slightly different. EDM refers to the global processes and technologies used to store, manage and share digital documents, while DMS refers to a system that enables companies to manage their digital documents. Thus, DMS is essentially equivalent to EDM software.
Electronic document management (EDM) is a method enabling businesses to store, manage and share digital documents online. By scanning and storing documents in the Cloud, you can access them from any location and at any moment. Dematerialisation enables companies to centralise and secure their administrative documents. This approach reduces the workload for administrative managers, encourages collaboration and simplifies exchanges.
Electronic document management (EDM) tools include content management systems, document management systems, knowledge management systems and workflow management systems. EDM can help to improve business efficiency significantly by providing a centralised solution for storing, archiving and managing documents. Generally speaking, the dematerialisation of documents makes them easier to access, manage and share.

There are several stages involved in setting up an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution. Foremost, you need to identify your company’s document management needs and objectives. Next, you need to choose the right EDM software and configure the system. The third stage consists of dematerialising all physical documents, while respecting a logical classification structure. Once the system has been installed, it has to be tested and staff trained in its use. Finally, the system must be implemented and maintained regularly.

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