Time management software for field teams

Simplify the management of your field teams’ working time with specialist TAM software and free your HR managers from repetitive tasks.

Manage time clocking, timetables, schedules and absences… simplify the day-to-day work of your HR department with a single platform!

No more paper sheets, Excel files or unsuitable software. Discover Traxxeo, the TAM for field teams.

The advantages of digital TAM
with Traxxeo

Simplify time clocking
for field teams

  • Accessible anywhere: offline mode, available on tablet, smartphone and computer
  • Comprehensive time clocking: by task, by trip, by meal voucher, etc.
  • Fast data entry: lists, cut and paste, pre-fill…

Accurately track hours worked
and other variable payroll elements

  • Real-time reporting of hours worked
  • Calculation of allowances: travel, meal vouchers, etc.
  • Calculating overtime

An anomaly ?
Act without delay !

  • Real-time view of hours worked
  • Automatic alerts based on your management rules
  • Numerous filters and management by anomaly

New, simple and effective Time and Activity Management

Tracking working hours, organising schedules, upholding the social climate… managing working hours is central to HR operations in contracting.

Governed by complex and constantly evolving regulations, managing employee time is not always straightforward. And in certain sectors, such as construction, energy, maintenance or civil engineering, time management for field teams represents an additional challenge.
Traxxeo’s time management software simplifies the work of HR staff and facilitates time recording for field personnel. The administrative burden is considerably reduced, resulting in more productive teams.

A complete time management platform for your HR and payroll managers

While TAM (Time and Activity Management) is a core aspect of human resources, administrative tasks can sometimes overshadow the support of employees. Traxxeo's time management platform offers a comprehensive and unique working tool for centralized management of the time and activities of salaried, temporary, and subcontracted staff.
Time and activity tracking, holiday and absence management, planning... manage your teams in the field with a single, comprehensive tool!

Digital monitoring of working hours, essential for a reliable payroll

Gone are the days of collecting paper timesheets or presence sheets on Excel. Ensure structured time entry in the Traxxeo time clock application, and process data in real time. Take advantage of advanced features that relieve your teams and eliminate human error: processing by anomaly, 360° view, numerous filters, automatic pre-pay calculations, etc Guarantee the accuracy of data sent to your payroll software and feed your HR dashboards with rich, accurate information.

The time clock application, a simple and intuitive tool for recording working hours

Have you tried paper timesheets, Excel timesheets, or generic TAM software... unsuccessfully? Do away with complex or limited tools.
Discover the Traxxeo application and its simple, intuitive time clock system. Designed for the field, it offers specific functions:

  • Offline mode
  • Entry aids and pre-filling
  • Automatic alerts
  • Multiple validations
  • Etc.

Entry is made directly in the mobile application in just a few clicks!

Improve responsiveness in managing working time

When it comes to managing working time, responsiveness is essential. Has your overtime quota been exceeded? Has a scheduling conflict arisen? You need to be able to react immediately.
Traxxeo's TAM software gives you a 360° view of your teams' presence and working hours. Arrived safely? A problem on the road, bad weather? Your staff in the field can alert you immediately of their arrival or of any unforeseen circumstances.

View in real time:

  • Presence and absences
  • Hours worked per person, per team, per project, per employer, etc.
  • Time clocking anomalies or unexpected absences
  • Staff timetables and any scheduling conflicts
  • Holiday requests
  • The productivity of your teams by project, by task, etc.

Data is updated in real time, enabling human resources to ensure at any moment that schedules comply with collective agreements and all labour laws governing working hours.

1. TM
2. Digital monitoring
3. Time clock application
4. Improve responsiveness

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.

Leave and absence management, at the core of Time and Activity Management

La gestion des absences des salariés fait partie intégrante de la gestion des temps de travail. Lorsque les équipes sont mobiles, centraliser l’information n’est pas toujours aisé. Traxxeo a développé un outil de gestion des absences simple d’utilisation, qui offre une vue complète et à jour sur les disponibilités du personnel salarié, intérimaire et sous-traitant. Gérez les absences et les demandes de congés sereinement, même avec du personnel mobile !

Team planning, for easier time management

When teams have to work on several projects spread over different geographical areas, solid time management is essential. Traxxeo has developed a collaborative planning tool for highly responsive schedule management. The online platform offers different views to meet the needs of each user. The project view lets you specify the manpower requirements for each of your projects, and assign the available staff to match the demand with a single click. Views by person and by team allow you to view staff schedules precisely and organise them in detail. Adjust your planning in just a few clicks, avoid scheduling conflicts, and enhance responsiveness in your planning management!

Time and activity tracking, a must for HR and payroll managers

Processing hours worked and variable pay elements can be very time-consuming for human resources managers and payroll administrators. Traxxeo offers a powerful time and activity processing tool to ease the burden on HR teams and ensure accurate, timely payroll for field staff. The platform offers a complete view of hours worked. The numerous filters allow anomalies to be dealt with directly. It offers advanced functionalities, such as automated calculations (overtime, travel allowances, hours with increased rate, etc.), counter monitoring (reduced working time, holidays, etc.), management of employees on fixed-term contracts, etc. Designed with its users in mind, the HR platform combines advanced working time management and simple, intuitive day-to-day use. Pensée pour ses utilisateurs, la plateforme RH propose à la fois une gestion avancée des temps de travail et un usage simple et intuitif au quotidien.

Integration with your information system

In addition to its software in SaaS mode, Traxxeo also offers integration services, which are particularly popular with large companies. Integration with your HRIS, ERP or payroll software gives you a centralised digital ecosystem for total control over working time. Meet one of our experts to explore your project together.
1. Leave and absence
2. Team planning
3. Time tracking
4. Integration

Our expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

A good Time and Activity Management (TAM) software package is one that allows you to manage and track working time in an efficient and organised way, for good project management. Good time management software allows you to plan shifts, manage employee absences and keep close track of hours worked so that you can draw up employee pay slips and accurately monitor labour costs. Whether it’s for human resources, payroll managers, financial managers or operations managers, the right time management software can make a big difference to your business.
To keep track of working hours as a contractor, it is important to use time management software that is adapted to the realities of contracting. This is the purpose of the Traxxeo platform, which enables tracking of employee entries and exits, calculation of working time and overtime hours, and even simplifies the billing of overtime, paid leave, or temporary workers. In certain sectors, such as building, civil engineering, energy or maintenance, it is essential to provide workers in the field with a suitable time clock tool. With Traxxeo’s time clock application, hours are transferred in real time to the HR portal for accurate and responsive time tracking.
Working time management software includes several complementary modules. The number 1 must-have is a time clock tool suitable for teams. If these are mobile, the data entry tool must allow clocking in and clocking out quickly and comprehensively wherever you are. The other modules are absence and holiday management, team planning and the processing of hours worked and pre-pay calculations (overtime calculation, counter monitoring, etc.). Finally, some software packages such as Traxxeo offer dashboards for monitoring productivity and HR indicators.

There is now a wide variety of increasingly specialised time management software available. In addition to generic software, companies can now turn to TAM software specialising in their sector of activity, which will offer them more advanced functionalities. To make the right choice, it’s important to define your needs, which will depend heavily on the size of your company and your sector. Drawing up a good set of specifications and turning to a specialist publisher are two essential steps in choosing the best time management software for your company.

For SMEs and large corporations, Traxxeo offers a TAM solution dedicated to mobile teams, proven in sectors such as building and public works (BPW), civil engineering, maintenance, energy, or infrastructure.

Any other questions?