The digital assignment plan: for better management of your equipment fleet

Easily plan your machines, vehicles and tools for all your projects. Simplify the monitoring and management of your equipment maintenance, thanks to a single tool.
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The benefits of Traxxeo's equipment pool planning software

Centralise the allocation of your resources and simplify the planning of your worksite machinery. Control, adjust and optimise the allocation of your resources at the click of a button, according to the needs of your projects

Easily identify needs and emergencies on all your sites

  • Your site managers can easily indicate the equipment requirements for each of your worksites
  • They specify the material required and the period in just two clicks
  • Your various managers work simultaneously, on a single platform

Encourage collaboration and improve the responsiveness of your equipment management

  • Your project managers and equipment managers work simultaneously
  • Have you identified a new need? It reports directly to the planning managers
  • The assignment plan is constantly updated and everyone has the same information

Simplify the management of your equipment fleet from A to Z

  • Discover our complete rolling stock monitoring service
  • Improve the management of your maintenance plan
  • Optimise the use of your equipment and reduce associated costs

Report site requirements in real time

Who needs what type of equipment for how long? With Traxxeo, your works supervisors can specify the equipment requirements for each worksite in just one click. If something unexpected happens, they can report the change in real time. Your equipment fleet managers then have a complete, up-to-date view of the needs of each site, without having to chase after information.

Site machinery, rolling stock... allocate your fleet in one click

Once you've identified your site requirements, it's straightforward to plan the machinery needed for each project. Traxxeo's equipment fleet management software automatically filters the available resources that meet your needs. All you have to do is drag and drop the equipment you want to assign - it couldn't be easier! The equipment view lets you view the allocation plan for your worksite machinery. You can spot any potential conflict at a glance.

A comprehensive management tool for worksite resources

The building and public works sector draws on a wide range of geographically dispersed resources: tools, machinery, vehicles, salaried workers, temporary staff, subcontractors, etc. In short, managing these resources is a daily challenge. The Traxxeo platform offers much more than equipment planning management software. Vehicle geolocation, team planning, time tracking, presence control... discover all the Traxxeo modules, within a single platform!
1. Site machinery
2. Comprehensive management

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment fleet management is a method of effectively managing a contractor’s hardware assets. It can include asset inventory, allocation planning, maintenance scheduling and real-time asset monitoring. Equipment fleet management is an essential tool for ensuring optimum use of assets and enhanced security and compliance. Building and Public Works contractor? Traxxeo offers you a single, comprehensive platform for managing your equipment fleet.
The management of a fleet of equipment must be planned and carried out in a methodical way to ensure that the equipment works properly and is used optimally. It mainly involves planning equipment for different projects, monitoring the location and condition of equipment, maintaining it and replacing it when it is defective or worn out. The first step to manage your fleet effectively is to have an up-to-date list of all your vehicles, plant and machinery. Equipment fleet management software such as Traxxeo not only provides you with an up-to-date repository, but also optimises the planning and monitoring of your fleet.

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