GPS trackers and IoT (Internet of Things): for precise geolocation of your fleet of vehicles and worksite machinery

Keep track of your vehicle fleet using the very best technology. Analyse your activities in real time and ensure that your fleet is being used efficiently.

The advantages of the Traxxeo geolocation system

Discover the advantages of a single platform for managing your fleet of vehicles and worksite machinery

GPS trackers, IoT… Technology for precise monitoring of your equipment fleet

  • Precise location of your machines and vehicles, whether powered or not
  • Precise monitoring of usage thanks to telemetry (hour meters, odometers, error codes, etc.)
  • Automatic allocation of machine and vehicle usage to cost centers 

A geolocation system tailored to the construction sector

  • Automatic alerts based on the location of worksites and the identification of your management rules
  • Sending site reports to the equipment manager
  • A complete suite for managing, monitoring and planning equipment fleets

Complete fleet management in a single tool

  • Management of the documents associated with each vehicle (insurance certificate, inspection report, technical data sheets, etc.), for greater regulatory compliance
  • Optimisation of fleet allocation according to precise criteria (length of use, hours of use, distances travelled, etc.)
  • Machine and vehicle classification tree, for a clear view of the fleet and a more detailed analysis of its performance

GPS trackers for precise monitoring of your fleet of vehicles and worksite machinery

GPS trackers, installed on each unit in your fleet, record and transmit precise data on the position of your fleet, as well as its movements, speed…

Monitor vehicle movements, check working hours, optimise routes and make strategic decisions based on reliable data.

In the event of theft or misappropriation, you can quickly locate your assets and take the appropriate steps to recover them.

Proactive management of your vehicle fleet

Traxxeo's geolocation solution gives you complete visibility of your assets, so you can manage them more proactively. Monitor the performance of your fleet, detect potential problems, plan maintenance operations and optimise the use of your machines and vehicles. Thanks to finer management and real-time data analysis, you can reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and ensure greater profitability for your fleet.

Avoid theft, loss and unwanted behaviour

Your physical assets represent a significant cost center for your company. Tracking via GPS and IoT tags helps to limit loss and theft. In the event of an anomaly, you are immediately alerted and can take the necessary action. Close monitoring of the use of vehicles and machines also enables any abnormal use of equipment to be identified (use outside the perimeter, outside normal working hours, excessive driving speed, etc.).

Connectivity to boost your company's performance

With Traxxeo, managing your fleet becomes smarter and more efficient thanks to IoT and geolocation technologies. Benefit from a detailed analysis of your activities and keep control of your equipment. Limit the costs associated with your fleet, optimise its use and ensure the smooth running of activities on all your sites.
1. Proactive management
2. Avoid theft
3. Connectivité

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