How do you track construction fleet vehicles in real time?

Using geolocation for construction fleet tracking enables businesses to benefit from accurate knowledge of where their vehicles are in real time.

What is a fleet monitoring system?

Traxxeo’s Wheel Track software solution is a fleet management software that collects data from GPS trackers and provides you with the exact and historical locations of your site equipment at all times.

Don’t waste any more time trying to find your construction vehicles. Avoid thefts and undesirable behavior and empower your teams with a professional construction fleet tracking system designed for ease of use and improved fleet performance.

Explore all the advantages of a professional geolocation service for your vehicles, and how to implement a fleet tracking system quickly and easily.

Why use geolocation to track your construction fleet and maintenance vehicles?

Construction machines and vehicles (excavators, lorries, diggers…) represent some of the costliest resources for construction businesses. Tracking them is vital in order to limit theft or behavior that is not in line with company policy as much as possible.

Undesirable behavior can include:

  • Theft of vehicles or machines
  • Use of the vehicle outside of work hours
  • Use of the vehicle in a different place to the one assigned
  • Unnecessary journeys, detours that are costly for the company
  • Dangerous driver behavior: excessive speed, aggressive driving, etc.

Tracking your fleet with GPS locators linked to fleet management software enables you to secure your HGV fleet while ensuring meticulous management of your construction and maintenance vehicles.

The benefits can be measured in terms of economic gains (time savings, reduced fuel consumption, etc.) but also in terms of security and safety. Your assets are protected against theft while also preventing risky behavior by drivers.

Live construction fleet tracking through the use of GPS trackers

GPS trackers enable you to meet your tracking needs by monitoring the location of your construction fleet in real time. A professional fleet tracking service includes the installation of GPS units as well as use of fleet management software.

Traxxeo’s Wheel Track solution enables you to track your vehicles’ locations in real time. The information is centralized for easy management of your various geographically dispersed projects and assets.

This real-time location tracking provides several advantages:

  • Analysis of activities (anomalies, etc.)
  • Re-invoicing
  • Automatic allocation of worked hours, travel expenses
  • Cost management (usage, buy vs hire)
  • Maintenance

What is meant by GPS fleet tracking?

GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking is now widespread. But how does it actually work?

GPS technology is a satellite navigation system. GPS navigators used in vehicles are located by satellites that orbit the earth. All GPS systems use the same satellite guidance system.

The network of satellites orbiting the earth enable GPS systems to accurately pinpoint their location through their geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude). With these satellite signals, it is then possible to calculate a vehicle’s speed.

Traxxeo’s Wheel Track solution connects vehicles to head office. The fleet management software collects, synthesizes and communicates information in a visual and concise manner. At any given time, the fleet manager can see a global overview of the available information or consult the usage details of a specific vehicle.

This technology enables you to not only track and locate your construction and maintenance fleet at all times, but also to optimize fleet management in order to reduce your fuel consumption or maintenance costs.

Your vehicle fleet is connected to the office by GPS tracking

Once your vehicles are fitted with GPS tags, your fleet manager then only needs to connect from the office to Traxxeo’s management platform in order to see a real-time overview of each vehicle’s journey.

The manager has access to reliable data that is always up to date and can instantly see the location or usage history.

This agile management enables immediate action to be taken to address any anomaly and constitutes a valuable aid for making the best operational decisions informed by live data directly from the office.

Wheel Track, more than just a truck tracking system

Accurate tracking of your HGV fleet is not only useful for checking the location of your construction fleet. Thanks to its specialized fleet management software, the Wheel Track system provides companies with more than just a construction fleet tracking solution.

The tracking is used in many different ways including these key features:

  • Analysis of activities (anomaly detection, fleet usage report, etc.)
  • Automatic re-invoicing
  • Automatic allocation of worked hours, travel expenses…
  • Cost management (usage analysis, buy vs hire, etc.)
  • Maintenance optimization (time or distance intervals, etc.)

All the information is centralized within an ergonomic management platform for ease of use. You can also add site equipment scheduling to the service, or even tool and equipment tracking, in order to enjoy comprehensive management over your assets as well as fleet efficiency.

Location-based tracking: what are the advantages?

1. Reduce vehicle theft thanks to geolocation

One of a fleet manager’s worst fears is the theft of his vehicles. This is sometimes carried out by an extremely well-organized network.

Real-time GPS tracking is the ultimate protection against vehicle theft. In the event that unusual behavior is detected, such as a location that is not in line with planned use, you are alerted immediately.

In the event of a theft, the GPS tracker enables you to track the vehicle’s position, which you are then able to provide to the police.

In addition to meeting a company’s tracking needs, a GPS fleet tracking system can also help police to dismantle organized vehicle theft networks.

Fleet tracking provides fleet managers and supervisors with a high level of security through a consolidated and up-to-date view of the location of their vehicles and drivers.

2. Improved driver safety by tracking driving styles

Fleet security does not only relate to the prevention of thefts and losses. The safety of workers is one of the biggest challenges for construction businesses. On sites or behind the wheel, risk prevention is a constant effort.

Although analysis of driving styles is only one of the measures to be implemented for better site safety, it is certainly not to be overlooked when it comes to the safety of drivers.

Analysis of vehicle geolocation data enables the following to be identified:

  • Driving style (aggressive driving, hard braking, etc.)
  • Risky behavior by drivers (excessive speed, etc.)
  • Non-compliant usage and anomalies (use at weekends, or outside work hours or predefined locations, etc.)

By preventing these types of driver behavior, Wheel Track enables you to prevent the associated risks of accidents and improve the safety of your drivers.

3. Track your vehicles to reduce your fleet costs

In addition to the adoption of eco-driving by your drivers, a fleet management software solution like Wheel Track enables you to optimize the journeys of your vehicles for better fleet performance.

By suggesting better routes to your drivers, Wheel Track enables you to make valuable economic savings in your fuel costs by reducing fuel consumption, leading to an improved bottom line.

Furthermore, route optimization will ensure that the required vehicle will arrive on site as early as possible so that your employees are not delayed in their work.

4. Ensure compliance with legislation

Lastly, the analysis of data from GPS devices can lead to improvements in the daily activities of workers and drivers by guiding them through the most efficient route or monitoring work and rest time in line with relevant legislation.

In fact, a higher than recommended number of consecutive hours spent driving or working can also lead to accidents or legal penalties.

How do you implement a fleet tracking system?

Implementing fleet management software is relatively straightforward. It is done in three stages:

  • Installation of GPS trackers across the entire fleet
  • Configuration and initial use of the management software
  • Incorporation and usage in day-to-day work

1. Installation of a vehicle tracking device such as a GPS unit or tag

Firstly, you need to install a vehicle tracking device across the entire fleet. Several solutions exist in the market, powered by batteries or other means.

For simple and quick installation, you can choose a system that can be connected directly to the vehicle power supply. This also guards against batteries running out by benefiting from continuous power.

Once the device has been installed, you and your drivers no longer need to worry about the device. The information will transfer automatically to the Traxxeo management platform.

2. Configuration and learning to use the management software

Once the tracking device has been installed, it is then a matter of configuring the fleet management software. After configuration, our teams will help you to familiarize yourself with the various software functionalities.

Simple to get to grips with, the Wheel Track solution will enable you to refine your fleet management with ease.

3. Tracking your vehicles and optimizing your fleet management

You now have everything you need to track your vehicles with ease. Benefit from the various functionalities of the software to optimize your fleet management using the collected fleet data: identifying unused vehicles, monitoring costs and usage, maintenance management, etc.

Ensure full use of your entire vehicle fleet, while eliminating losses and thefts.

Wheel Track, the construction vehicle tracker

Construction vehicles require constant follow-up. But how to ensure an effective tracking of all your construction vehicles at once? Answer here.

A system designed for construction companies

Traxxeo has been an expert in site resource management since 2008. Its Wheel Track solution has been developed by experts from the digital and construction sectors using the latest technology. The result? A tool that is perfectly suited to your needs, designed for ease of use and is compatible with the entire suite of Traxxeo solutions.

Digitalize your work hours management, tool tracking or team and asset allocation, and discover the impact of a comprehensive and modular management solution.

Or use Wheel Track on its own and start by improving your construction fleet tracking for better fleet performance. Connected objects and telematics equipment provide a continuous supply of up-to-date data. You retain visibility of the journeys of your vehicles and the workers who use them at all times, which improves the management of your HGV fleet.

Wheel Track, the fleet tracking solution for you?

As a construction fleet manager, you want to:

  • track your entire fleet in real time
  • monitor and analyze your fleet usage
  • partly automate your fleet management
  • take fast and informed decisions

Request a personalized demonstration of our fleet management software and let’s review together how we can support you.

Manage and track your construction vehicles and machines with ease

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