Time clock application: manage the working hours of your mobile staff

Traxxeo’s mobile time clock application provides fast and reliable time clocking for your workers on the move. It’s easy to keep accurate track of working hours with a digital time clock.

The advantages of Traxxeo's mobile time clock application

With the digital time clock, you can monitor the hours worked, presence and administrative status of your field teams in real time.

Fast recording of working hours

  • Mobile application available on smartphone and tablet
  • Digital time and presence sheets
  • Offline mode, input aids… for fast scoring in all situations

Virtual, mobile and RFID badges for all types of projects

  • The application can be linked to a fixed badge reader system for large projects
  • Virtual badge reader directly from the application (ID card scan, ConstruBadge, RFID tags, etc.)
  • Individual, team or site clocking… to suit projects of all sizes

Time management software designed for mobile teams

  • Real-time upload of data (hours, travel, tasks, etc.) to the online HR portal
  • Management of salaried, temporary and subcontracted staff
  • Fast processing of working hours thanks to automatic filters and alerts

The time clock application available everywhere, on smartphones and tablets

Unlike office workers, field teams sometimes work on different sites during the same day, sometimes without access to the network!

Traxxeo’s mobile time clock application responds to these issues by providing a time tracking solution tailored to field staff.

More precise and detailed monitoring of working hours

Traditional badge readers and time clocks (RFID, mechanical or biometric...) can only be used to track the times at which employees enter and leave.

Traxxeo's mobile time clock application makes it possible to track working hours in greater detail. Type of hours worked, tasks involved, meals, etc. Mobile employees can enter all these data directly, for themselves or their team, from a mobile phone or tablet.

The time clock solution also features a virtual mobile time clock, so you can accurately capture hours worked wherever you are.

A validation system to ensure the accuracy of clocking in and out

Traxxeo's time clock application features a multi-level validation system to ensure the accuracy of data entered in the field by employees, temporary staff and subcontractors.

Using a smartphone or tablet, operational validators can access reported hours and check that they correspond to reality and comply with the contractor's management rules.

Finally, HR managers will be able to process the hours in the online management software, and validate the pre-payment data.

Precise monitoring of employee overtime

In the building and public works (BPW), civil engineering and infrastructure sectors, working overtime is commonplace. However, traditional timekeeping tools such as paper timesheets and Excel files do not allow accurate tracking of hours. Worksite employees and HR and payroll managers therefore spend many hours on the phone trying to find the missing information or reach an agreement. Traxxeo's time clock application enables precise monitoring of hours worked on the construction or other worksite. The time management software enables you to accurately calculate overtime, ensuring exact compensation and a better social climate.
1. Working hours
2. Validation system
3. Employee overtime

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.

Online time and presence software for HR and payroll managers

Traxxeo's time clock solution enables centralised monitoring of the hours worked by salaried staff, temporary workers and subcontractors. Traxxeo's time management system offers HR and payroll staff a comprehensive interface to handle variable payroll components (automatic alert for any anomaly, numerous filters, overtime calculation, data validation for sending to payroll, etc.). HR and payroll managers therefore have an overall view of the hours worked by employees, as well as temporary workers and subcontractors.

Badge readers and time clocks to monitor presence and administrative compliance

As well as tracking working hours, time clocks are also used in companies to monitor employee presence. In the construction sector in particular, they can be coupled with software to check the administrative compliance of worksite employees. Traxxeo's application also offers a view dedicated to tracking the presence and administrative status of workers, to ensure the compliance of salaried, temporary and subcontracted staff. The mobile view provides an up-to-date overview of presence and any administrative anomalies. The site manager may immediately remove any unauthorised or non-compliant workers from the site to avoid any legal or financial penalties.

Towards greater safety on construction sites

The stakes behind monitoring staff presence and compliance are very high. As well as complying with current legislation, the aim is to ensure optimum safety at the workplace. In the construction sector in particular, the presence of untrained workers can present a considerable danger, both to themselves and to others. By providing an up-to-date view of staff presence and administrative order, Traxxeo alerts you immediately to any abnormal situation. By acting without delay, you also reduce the risk of incidents involving unqualified personnel. Above all, in the event of an accident, you will have a complete and up-to-date list of the personnel on the site who may require emergency assistance.
1. Online time
2. Monitor presence
3. Greater safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recording staff hours is an essential step for any contractor. It can be used to monitor employees’ activity and control their working hours. Time clocking is done by collecting at least the entry and exit times of workers at the workplace. Often, a lot of other information is needed: the work carried out, the time spent on each site, travel, meal vouchers, etc. To keep track of all this, you can use a time clock application like Traxxeo, which makes it easy to track and manage employees’ working hours.
When choosing your time clock, it’s important to consider various criteria such as the type of connection (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), the type of identification card (RFID card, smart card, etc.), the data capture method (image capture, voice recognition, etc.) and the possibility of using a mobile time clock. If you have a mobile workforce, consider turning to a specialist publisher such as Traxxeo, who can help you choose the best technology and process to put in place.
Setting up a virtual time clock is simple and requires no stiff investment. It can be linked to your existing time clock system or used as a stand-alone mobile time clock. The virtual mobile time clock is a practical and inexpensive solution for companies that do not have a time clock system in place. It can be installed on a smartphone or tablet and allows employees to clock in and out remotely. Coupled with an existing system, it offers greater flexibility and, in the case of Traxxeo’s time clock application, enables the hours worked to be enhanced so that all the necessary information can be passed on to the HR and payroll departments.
Time clocks are essential tools for keeping track of employees’ working hours and overtime. Not only do they reduce administrative work and accelerate the invoicing process, they also ensure that all employees are properly paid for their time. Virtual mobile time clocks offer greater flexibility and accuracy because they can be used anywhere, at any time. Traxxeo’s time clock application is particularly well suited to mobile workers.
A biometric time clock is a device that identifies employees using their biometric data, such as fingerprints, retinal scans or facial scans. This technology enables the contractor to verify the identity of the worker. In France, companies cannot install biometric time clocks without meeting certain criteria. In particular, they must be able to justify the need for such a system. For other companies, there are other ways of checking the accuracy of the data entered, such as a system with multiple validations.
A time clock is a system used to record employees’ starting and finishing times. There are different types of connection (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) and different identification channels (RFID card, smart card, RFID tag, QR reader, etc.). An effective time and presence application allows you to select the technology or technologies that are best suited to your business, and even to vary from project to project, in order to provide a flexible time clock system that is always adapted to the user in the field. The management software then centralises the data received from the mobile application, for rapid processing by the HR and payroll teams.

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