The mobile workforce planning tool: for optimum management of field teams

Plan your mobile teams for all your projects in a single, centralised tool. Discover the collaborative planning software for managing worksite teams or intervention teams.

The advantages of managing staff schedules
with Traxxeo

A single planning tool to manage absences, staffing requirements and employee schedules

  • Multiple views depending on requirements: absence view, by project, by person, etc.
  • Generic event planning for each project
  • One-click planning of available staff, according to specified constraints

Online, collaborative management of employee schedules

  • Visual, overlaid and shared planning for collaborative working between departments (human resources, works supervisors, project managers, etc.)
  • Data updated in real time and accessible at all times, wherever you are
  • Interfaces tailored to the needs of each player: absence management, staff assignment, team schedule management, etc.

Comprehensive scheduling software for simpler time management

  • Planning tool using data already available in Traxxeo to optimise planning
  • Integrations available with standard calendar tools (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)
  • Intelligent filters to help you plan your staff according to their availability, skills and accreditations…

The HR planning tool, an aid to strategic decision-making

Get a complete, up-to-date view of your employees’ schedules. Thanks to Traxxeo’s time management tools, you can immediately spot any discrepancies between what was planned and what was actually done, to avoid overspending on your projects.

Adapt your strategy without delay and gain greater responsiveness in your project management, thanks to the planning tool.

Easier Time and Activity Management for all your projects

Who is absent, who is present? Who's in training this week? When you have worksite teams or mobile staff, answering these questions is not so simple. No more Excel files or generic, unsuitable planning tools. Traxxeo's platform and mobile application give you an up-to-date view of the situation, wherever you are. Easily manage holiday requests and team schedules in a single, easy-to-use planning tool. The simple visual interface offers a range of previews. Calendar view by month, week or day... Check schedules and identify any conflicts at a glance.

Comprehensive software for managing staff absences

Good management of leave and absences is essential for drawing up schedules. Traxxeo's planning tool lets you manage holiday requests and the various reasons for absence in a dedicated view. Approve absence requests, manage training periods and get a clear overview of your staff's availability, directly in your planning tool.

Collaborative planning for optimum team deployment

How can optimal collaboration be achieved when not all of the company's employees operate from the head office? Traxxeo's planning software is available online, it can be accessed from anywhere. These different views enable collaborative planning. On the one hand, project managers or works supervisors indicate the manpower requirements for their projects. On the other hand, planning managers can assign the right staff to the right request at the click of a button, thanks to intelligent filters. Human resources also have a dedicated view of absence management. An unexpected absence upsets the established schedule? You can take direct action, and communicate the new assignment plan to the teams without delay. In this way, you can ensure that your projects run smoothly even if the unexpected happens.
1. Easier Management
2. Managing absences
3. Collaborative planning

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.

A single planning tool to manage your salaried, temporary and subcontracted staff

In the fields of construction, civil engineering, and energy, the use of external labour is highly common. Traxxeo allows you to easily manage your salaried staff, temporary workers or subcontractors in a single planning solution. Maintain continuous oversight of each worker category's schedules to prevent any unforeseen issues.

The Traxxeo platform and mobile application: a complete solution for mobile workforce management

Planning schedules is an integral part of personnel management. For worksite teams or during interventions, Traxxeo has developed specialised tools for these companies:

  • A simple, intuitive mobile application, available on smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Offline mode for working anywhere
  • Online platform to encourage collaborative working within and between departments: human resources, finance, operations, etc.
  • A wide range of functions available, while maintaining a high level of user-friendliness

Whether it's planning schedules or tracking hours worked, Traxxeo gives everyone better visibility of time and activities, whatever your company's sector of activity (construction, public works, energy, maintenance, etc.)

1. Planning tool
2. Workforce management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, planning software is an IT tool that enables a contractor to plan and organise its activities, staff, resources and tasks. In companies, planning software enables professional management of activities according to a precise schedule, for rigorous project management.
We need to distinguish between task planning tools and personnel planning tools. Task planning tools include Gantt charts, Pert charts, mind maps, flow charts, dashboards and task lists. A staff planning tool generally has several calendar views showing staff assignments to the various projects in progress.
Your choice of planning tool will depend on your needs. Small businesses can turn to software such as Trello or Outlook, or even make do with an Excel file or a free online tool with limited functionality. For larger companies looking for professional software, it will be necessary to clearly identify the requirements (task planning, staff, machines, etc.) and the characteristics specific to the sector (permanent teams or not, travelling or not, etc.). To make the right choice and select the best software, it is essential to turn to a publisher that meets both your needs and your specific requirements.

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