Presence checks to ensure the order and safety of workers

As a worksite manager, you can check in real time the administrative status and training (intro health/safety) of everyone on the worksite.

The advantages of worksite presence monitoring with Traxxeo

Discover the complete mobile application for tracking the presence and administrative documents of your salaried workers, temporary workers and subcontractors.

Manage presence in real time

  • Global view of the presence of your employees, temporary workers and subcontractors
  • Data accessible to site supervisors in the field from their smartphone or tablet
  • Option of clocking in using an RFID badge, QR reader, ID card, BTP card, etc.

Ensure seamless compliance by your workers and subcontractors

  • Checking the compliance of your workers, temps and subcontractors
  • Automatic alerts for workers who are out of order
  • Access to all worker documents (Limosa, accreditation, driving license, health and safety training, etc.) from the mobile application

Benefit from a comprehensive resource management platform

  • 100% compatible with Traxxeo’s Check in At Work management solution
  • Bidirectional synchronisation of the necessary data with your social security organisation, if required
  • 100% compatible with other Traxxeo platform modules (time tracking, planning, document management, etc.)

View the list of worksite presence in real time

Who’s working today? Who is absent? Having an up-to-date list of worksite presence is not only essential from an operational point of view, it’s also a matter of safety! Put an end to incomplete, lost or illegible presence sheets. Traxxeo’s presence control application gives you a global view of the presence of employees at your worksites. Would you like to check the presence of workers from one of your subcontractors on a particular site? It couldn’t be simpler! Get a list of employees and check their administrative compliance in the blink of an eye.

Check the administrative status of your employees, temps and subcontractors at a glance

When you have to manage several projects on different sites, keeping an overview of the administrative order of each employee is as difficult as it is essential. With Traxxeo's presence control system, you can check that your personnel are compliant at a glance. You also retain control over the administrative structure of your subcontracting chain, avoiding any risk of sanctions or fines in the event of a social security inspection

Access accreditations, driving licenses, training courses... and all the administrative documents for a worker

Traxxeo's mobile application offers you much more than presence control. No matter your location, accessing any employee's administrative documents is straightforward. Check for accreditation or authorisation to drive, check that the worker has received health and safety training... or check that the worker is in good administrative order.

A single application for checking presence and monitoring working hours

It's possible to monitor presence and accurately record working hours in a single application! With Traxxeo, you can also keep precise track of the hours worked by your site staff.

No more paper or Excel timesheets. Your employees can easily enhance their clocking hours with details of tasks performed, travel, meal vouchers, etc., thereby simplifying the calculation of overtime, travel allowances, and so on.

They then benefit from a reliable and timely payroll, making the work of payroll and human resources easier and promoting a better social climate.

1. Check the administrative status
2. Administrative documents access
3. Checking presence

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.

An in-depth platform for administrative management

Do you also want to simplify administrative management for your central managers? No problem at all. The Traxxeo platform offers an advanced solution for managing administrative files, based on artificial intelligence. Transform your PDF, JPEG, PNG... documents into intelligent data with one click. Be alerted to any necessary and/or missing documents by worker profile and take action without delay. Take advantage of the many filters available and advanced features such as automatic monitoring of expiry dates, for simpler, more worry-free administrative management.

Presence control, a question of prevention and safety on the worksite

A construction site is one of the most dangerous places to work. When untrained individuals are present, the risk of accidents is considerably increased. It is therefore essential to monitor and control the administrative order and safety training. Rigorous monitoring of workers' presence and administrative compliance is an important preventive lever for improving the safety of worksite personnel.
1. Administrative management
2.Presence control

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Frequently Asked Questions

A presence control system is a tool for checking and documenting the hours of presence and absence of one or more employees. It can be used to check the presence of workers at a given time, to obtain an up-to-date list of presences whenever needed, or to monitor working hours. In the construction sector in particular, it is often coupled with a system for monitoring the administrative order of workers, to ensure the compliance of personnel present on the site.
With the right system, implementing a presence control solution can be relatively quick and easy. For large-scale, long-term projects, the first solution is to install badge readers at the entrance. For other projects, mobile badge readers and mobile applications offer reliable and extremely flexible presence monitoring. In all cases, the most important thing is to clearly identify your company’s needs so that you can turn to the right service provider. For mobile employees or companies managing numerous subcontractors, Traxxeo offers a solution that is both comprehensive and easy to use.
A presence control solution such as Traxxeo can be combined with a site access control system. By checking in real time the administrative order of workers arriving at the site entrance, Traxxeo ensures that personnel entering the site fully meet the required standards. This ensures that you are in compliance with social security regulations and avoids the risk of accidents due to the presence of unauthorised individuals.
The choice of an RFID, mechanical, virtual or biometric badge reader will depend on your company’s needs. In general terms, mobile and virtual badge readers offer a level of flexibility that is ideally suited to companies with many geographically dispersed projects. When the workplace is fixed, or a worksite lasts for many years, for example, the installation of fixed badge readers can be considered. The use of biometric time clocks is strictly regulated in France. The employer must be able to prove the need to install such a system.

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