From 2022 to 2023: Traxxeo builds the network of construction companies, for a better management of site resources

2022 have been a pivotal year for the construction sector: rising material prices, competitive pressure… To face the difficulties, construction companies have relied on innovation. The software publisher Traxxeo has observed this trend through a strong adoption of its site resource management solutions.

In 2023, Traxxeo is accelerating its strategic ambition to connect all the players in the sector by deploying MyLegalDocs, the standardised platform that facilitates the sharing of information related to site staff.

A rapidly expanding network

Large groups or SMEs, this year about fifty new companies have trusted Traxxeo to digitise the management of their mobile resources. Among them, there are many big players such as Eiffage, Besix, Thomas and Piron, VMA, Solutions30 or Schindler, as well as more family-owned companies such as Tradeco, Herpain, Balas or Costantini.

Together, they confirm the trend towards digital resource management, for better productivity on site, increased security for teams and seamless compliance in staff administration.

Sustainable growth

In 2022, the acceleration of the business was evident in Belgium, where the time and attendance and document management solutions have been strongly endorsed by the construction industry. More than 17,000 companies and 100,000 workers are now integrated in Traxxeo’s MyLegalDocs platform.

2022 has also allowed Traxxeo to assert its presence on the French and Luxembourg markets. The software publisher has consolidated its position as a leading player in Time and Activity Management (TAM) for field staff. 

This success translates into a 40% growth in 2022, supported by the confidence of newcomers as well as by the satisfaction of historical customers.

A team of enthusiasts

What made 2022 a success for Traxxeo is also the involvement of its teams. Among the memories of last year, everyone will remember the seminar in the Champagne region where, between visits and bike rides, the “Traxxéistes” were able to get together to discuss their challenges and successes.

Among the year’s highlights, the various trade shows (Solution RH Paris, BIM World Paris, Digital Construction Brussels, etc.) were an opportunity to maintain close contact with the construction industry and to discuss their daily challenges.

With a team that continues to grow, Traxxeo intends to continue to promote collaboration and creativity, for an ever more significant impact on its clients. 

Towards 2023… and the creation of a network of interconnected companies

Traxxeo is starting the new year with a clear vision: to become the platform that connects construction companies to facilitate information sharing. The new solutions will go in this direction, promising an even more fluid management of information, in order to reinforce both productivity, security and compliance of the field teams in the face of the growing legal requirements of the sector. The development of the network on the Belgian, French and Luxembourg markets will remain the priority, without however neglecting the international market. 

2023 will thus be a year filled with new ambitions. At the same time, Traxxeo will remain connected to the values that have made it successful so far: proactivity, collaboration, creativity and finally, innovation.

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