Check in At Work: make it easy to record presence at your worksites

Manage your Check in At Work obligations with simple tools, for seamless compliance without spending hours on it.

The advantages of Check in At Work
with Traxxeo

Record presence easily, whether via an RFID time clock, a QR code reader or our mobile application. Deal with anomalies quickly.

Simplify your day-to-day reporting and easily deal with comments from the National Social Security Organisation (NSSO) on a dedicated platform.

Centralised management of your Check in At Work obligations

  • Managing daily records: adding, modifying or deleting entries
  • A global view of all your sites for centralised management
  • Management of all workers, subcontractors and visitors on a single platform

Better visibility for Check in At Work and comments from the NSSO

  • Automatic alerts for any anomalies
  • Comprehensive handling of feedback from the NSSO and implementation of corrective measures
  • Filter system (by site, by remark, by subcontractor, etc.) for fast, agile management

More flexible and responsive management in the field

  • Multichannel registration: RFID time clock, QR code reader, professional BPW card, ID card, mobile application, etc. or directly from the schedule
  • Adding workers and documents in the field
  • Recording of on-site inspections 

A new way of managing Check in At Work

Legislation in the construction sector is constantly being tightened to ensure the safety of workers on site. What’s at stake? Keeping processes simple, while ensuring seamless compliance by field staff:

  • Knowing who’s on site
  • Keeping track of social security declarations
  • Handle anomalies and comments without delay
  • In short, creating the ideal conditions for teams to be productive and in good standing

Multichannel registration: RFID badges, QR codes, labels, etc

Register presence using RFID badges, QR code reading, RFID tags, professional BPW card, ID card, etc. Register new workers or visitors using the mobile app, or schedule registrations in advance using the scheduling tool. Your Check in At Work managers get the updated presence list in real time!

More autonomous field teams thanks to the mobile application

The mobile application allows site managers to take action from the worksite: register workers, record checks, add documents, etc. Relieve your administrative managers and increase the autonomy of your field teams!

Protect yourself from legal risks and financial penalties

Be able to provide an up-to-date list of site presences at all times and avoid exposing yourself to financial or legal penalties. Traxxeo's Check in At Work solution enables you to comply with the law while minimising the administrative impact on your business. Register new workers, identify expiring documents, manage social security remarks... thanks to a range of simple, effective tools.

Ensure compliance with social security and Check in At Work obligations for all your subcontractors

In the building sector, it's not easy to keep an overview of the compliance of your entire subcontracting chain. Traxxeo allows you to ensure the administrative order of subcontracted workers on your sites, to guarantee that their social rights are respected and to protect your reputation. Avoid penalties and guarantee the rights of all your site workers thanks to an up-to-date view of everyone's compliance, and Check in At Work declarations to the NSSO.
1. Multichannel registration
2. Autonomous
3. Legal risks
4. Social security

Features designed with you in mind

Fast recording via multiple channels


A real-time view of all worksite presence


A visual overview of the administrative order and the safe reception of workers

Taking action from the worksite: adding a document, welcoming a worker, etc.


Recording of checks carried out


Constant communication between the worksite and the administrative headquarters

Master your human resources management with Traxxeo

Discover HR management tools designed for users. Drawing on its professional expertise, Traxxeo has developed time management tools tailored to the HR management of mobile teams. Its advanced features will help alleviate the workload for your HR teams and operational staff, while promoting a better social environment.

Our expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

In Belgium, Check in At Work is compulsory for worksites with a total value exceeding €500,000 (excluding VAT).
Unlike the NSSO online service, the Traxxeo application and badge readers allow you to scan a Limosa document directly to make a Check in At Work declaration. As a reminder, the recording of site presence is compulsory for any project costing more than €500,000 (excluding VAT).
While the NSSO’s online service is not easy to use, there are now mobile applications dedicated to Check in At Work. Traxxeo’s mobile application offers a vast choice of presence recording methods: using the schedule, GPS trackers, RFID badge readers, QR code scanners… but also using your ID card or a Limosa document! This makes it easy for any worker to register.
With Traxxeo, setting up a digital Check in At Work system is simple. The SaaS software is directly accessible online, and easy to use. The mobile application is available on smartphones and tablets. Its offline function means you can record a worker wherever you are. Synchronisation will take place automatically as soon as the device is back on the network!
Whether you are self-employed or a foreign employee, you are also subject to Check in At Work as soon as you are required to work on a site in Belgium where the total cost exceeds €500,000 excluding VAT. If, as a self-employed person, you yourself employ workers or subcontractors, you are also responsible for registering the presence of these workers with the NSSO.
If, as a foreign contractor, you carry out work on Belgian soil on a site where the total amount exceeds the ceiling indicated by the NSSO (€500,000 excluding VAT), you are subject to the “Checkin@work” obligation. To manage your obligations and avoid fines, Traxxeo offers a turnkey Check In At Work solution.

Any other questions?