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Being a fleet manager is definitely complicated. There are a lot of factors in play that all have to be considered simultaneously to ensure that tasks are done efficiently, and on time. Why waste precious time and resources, when you can automate tasks with fleet software?

Minimized effort and cost, in exchange for enhanced productivity and results, is but a tip of the iceberg of the benefits. A fleet management system helps to enhance the security and efficiency of business operations.

Fleet managers will find it an invaluable resource in transforming their strategies and coordinating their workforce. It also helps with decreasing risk like theft and any inappropriate behavior.

Businesses that regularly utilize mobile resources require an expert fleet management solution provider like Traxxeo, in order to cut down expenses and receive real-time information about their fleet. The fleet GPS tracking system facilitates exceptional tracking of vehicles and machines.

When connected, managers have access to the compilation and centralization of vital data required to complete different projects, among other things. Site managers sticking to old fleet management methods face a plethora of problems that can be solved with the simple adoption of a fleet management software.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management as a service refers to the total collection of activities that occur to keep a fleet and other related aspects of the business operating effectively, promptly, and within budget. It is an administrative approach employed by fleet managers to contribute to operational efficiency.

The approach depends on the industry, such as; construction, civil work, facility services, maintenance, energy, and more. Fleet management can also encompass fleet GPS tracking, and other features for optimum management of various property and staff.

Versatility of Fleet Management

The major aim of a fleet maintenance software is the enhancement of fleet efficiency and productivity, as well as worker safety advancement. This management is usually achieved via a combination of site and machinery upkeep administration, tracking, staff protocol observation, custom reporting and more.

This is where Traxxeo fleet software comes in with powerful geolocation, intelligent software, automatic analysis and more. The platform enables the connection of assets and telemetry equipment. This ensures that operations managers who are smart enough to take advantage of the fleet management solution, possess constant control of their equipment usage and staff compliance.

What is the best fleet management software to choose?

There is no single answer to the question “what is the best fleet management software for my business? All companies have different needs, depending on their size, the type of vehicles they manage and the sector in which they operate. Of course, price is another element to consider. But price alone cannot be your decision point. The real question is: for this price, what features do I have?

There are some basic functionalities the best fleet management software should cover:

  • Track vehicles and find efficient routes
  • Track hours of service
  • Offer a dashboard view
  • Analyze assets utilization
  • Check driver behavior
  • Track fuel consumption

Your fleet management system should give you a clear view of your fleet’s performance. It should also be easy to use, both for the fleet manager and the driver. A good fleet management software is both an ergonomic tool for everyday use and a powerful instrument for well-informed decisions and optimal strategic management.

Some software publishers go beyond the standard features. This is what Traxxeo offers, with its fleet management software connected to an all-in-one asset management platform. The advantage? Fleet activity can be used to calculate working time, with additional information recorded on a dedicated mobile app.

Which software to choose for heavy equipment fleet management?

If managing cars is already a challenge, try managing trucks or excavators! Because they are both vital to the progress of the construction project and very -very- expensive tools, construction machinery must be managed closely.

Is there a specific tool to manage my trucks and excavators?

Yes, it is. Because no one likes to see their expensive machine break down on the job. Unplanned repair or maintenance can be costly and time-consuming, resulting in delays in project completion.

At a time when delays are the main obstacle to construction project profitability, productivity in the field must be preserved at all costs. In consequences, heavy equipment maintenance is crucial to keep the activities running smoothly.

Proactive maintenance, based on real use, ensure that the heavy equipment last longer and function properly —which also has to do with ensuring optimal security for workers.

To know more about the specific functionalities of heavy equipment management, feel free to contact one of Traxxeo’s experts. With a strong background in construction, civil work or related industry, the Traxxeo team has developed an unique expertise in managing those specific assets.

Telematics, GPS, cloud-based system, SaaS software… which technology is the best to manage my assets ?

As machines are massive capital investments, they require a close and constant monitoring. Fleet managers must have constant location updates on their costly assets.

Enabling effective off-site tracking, through telematics and cloud-based software, is vital when it comes to managing heavy equipment. These technologies allow for maximum transparency of vehicle location and even usage.

To effectively manage your heavy equipment, trust a dedicated editor software, which will leverage the best of digital technology to answer your specific needs. A specialist will make sure you benefit from all the ways a construction fleet management software can streamline your operations.

Why Traxxeo Fleet Management Software?

The introduction of a fleet management system to a logistics business can be the difference between unnecessary resource loss and effective cost management.

Unexpected situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic can greatly impact productivity, and a fleet GPS tracking system can help curb the uncertainty and losses caused by unforeseen circumstances, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

A good fleet management system helps managers and business owners minimize expenses incurred during construction projects, prevent subpar asset management, eliminate avoidable errors, decrease task delivery time, and more.

Fleet managers who desire a reputation of outstanding service delivery and seamless operations, can achieve enhanced company image with Traxxeo fleet maintenance software.

●      Remote asset management

Old fleet management methods entertain excess resource consumption. Fleet managers are required to regularly oversee the vehicles and staff in their fleet regardless of size, and staying on top of daily operations for each vehicle and worker can be a daunting task.

With Traxxeo fleet management solution, managers can access the easy-to-use software to manage entire fleets from a single place. The fleet management software possesses a live map which can be used to gain instant access to a vehicle’s location, get regular updates from workers, analyze location history, and so much more.

The fleet maintenance software offers managers control from their offices or even on-the-go. It streamlines the supervision of the company’s mobile assets and guarantees their security. The data overview provided by the fleet software helps with optimized management of vehicle fleets.

●      Lower costs, higher performance

Cost control is no longer an option for any company. This is particularly true for fleet management which by essence—vehicles and staff being sizable assets—can quickly lead to spending unwarranted sums of money.

Compared to outdated fleet management systems that are time-consuming, Traxxeo fleet management software possesses built-in tools. Site managers can use them to cut down operational time and minimize excessive resource utilization.

It also features worker safety tools that assist in eliminating inessential costs on things like insurance and liability. It may seem insignificant, but it can actually help save tons of dollars annually.

With the fleet maintenance software, managers can share their resource allocation plans for both people and machines, and enhance responsiveness via automatically generated alerts created according to work regulations. There are custom reports in the fleet GPS tracking system that provide information on the amount of money being spent per vehicle basis.

The fleet management software handles a whole lot more than geolocation. Take advantage of analytics on vital elements of your business from gas consumption, to delivery time, daily breaks, warehousing process tracking, as well as other insights. This way, site managers can reduce cost and enhance fleet efficiency.

●      Real-time Updates and Analytics

It is quite difficult to track problems like theft and other undesirable behaviors with ancient fleet management methods. Traxxeo provides GPS vehicle tracking software that allows operations managers to track fleet and step in to redirect vehicles whenever necessary. The fleet management software offers versatile tools with adaptable abilities to suit internal challenges.

It automates travel allowance calculation, transport, attendance time and even inter-site time. With the fleet software, fleet managers get detailed information of their vehicle locations, delivery times, job completion status, and estimated arrival times to facilitate a thorough analysis of field activities.

This makes workers more efficient, and frees up time for fleet managers to do more than call to check in constantly for updates.

With the fleet maintenance software, managers are equipped with direct connection to workers and they receive information about factors that may affect work conditions, depending on the industry, whether it encompasses construction, civil work, facility services, maintenance, energy etc.

 Armed with information, fleet managers can better redirect workers to save time and resources. It is an interactive and capable solution that refines operational procedures.

●      Worker Safety and Compliance Improvement

Traditional fleet management methods lack visibility. Worker safety should be a fleet manager’s priority, and Traxxeo fleet management software offers an effective way to make this happen.

 Workers in the construction, engineering, infrastructure and energy industries are no stranger to danger, and it is an operations manager’s duty to ensure that they are safe enough to keep the business running efficiently. With Traxxeo, managers can compare the measured work time with recorded time on digital timesheets.

Fleet management provides valuable and accurate information for time tracking/time management. They can also analyze vehicle itineraries to get waiting times, as well as attendance at predetermined locations.

Dangerous behaviors, such as rash driving, speeding, hard braking, etc. can be monitored and avoided.

The fleet maintenance software can be linked to Presence Control, which allows managers to ascertain the attendance of workers and subcontractors. It also offers Absence planning, used to easily manage any worker absences on different sites.

●      Optimal maintenance with intelligent use tracking system

A company’s vehicles are one of its most expensive assets. Cars, trucks, construction machinery, excavators… they all have in common to be expensive to buy.

In consequences, they require a close monitoring. Traxxeo fleet management software enables for maintenance planning automation.

Optimize your fleet maintenance based on their actual use and prevent any undesirable accident or work disruptions.

Better planning of the maintenance and/or replacement of our resources will both expand the lifespan of your assets and ensure that our operations never suffer unforeseen breakdowns.

●      Empower your team by delegating accountability

Lack of legal compliance is one of the issues plaguing old fleet management systems. One of the solutions offered in the Traxxeo fleet management software is DocXchange.

This can be used to centralize all documents, transform files into intelligent data with artificial intelligence, collate subcontractor documents for client perusal, ensure document validity with automatic checks and so much more.

Traxxeo fleet software allows managers to observe the handover of tool responsibility, including their geolocation via mobile application and BLE chips utilization. Being able to keep track of tools required for work ensures that tasks are completed on time.

 Automated management of both inbound and outbound stock is also available in different locations with fleet GPS tracking. Managers get a unified review of the geolocation and updated stock positions of every tool in the company’s arsenal.

 The fleet management solution offers access to a record of the movement of each tool, and responsibility designation records to ensure that schedules and deadlines are being upheld. The fleet management system can also be used to manage equipment related costs, as well as maintenance and alerts for regular inspections.

●      Optimum Multi-Project Control

Fleet management software is not the only solution provided by Traxxeo. It is just one out of a complete ecosystem of digital solutions that are engineered to improve both field productivity and management efficiency.

Handwritten timesheets are unreliable and can be manipulated. With Traxxeo, managers get access to digital timesheets that are accessible on mobile phones for workers, on tablets utilized by team and site managers, and even on web portals used by the human resources department.

 All data needed for payment administration and submission tracking recorded on the mobile app is accumulated and available whenever required. Site managers don’t have to fret about not being everywhere at the same time to monitor situations in real time.

Traxxeo resource management platform offers tracking of resource allocation across different live projects, and this helps in the minimization of payroll processing mistakes formerly generated by several mixed entries and recordings.

The smart timesheet possesses field pre-population features based on the day before, the schedule or even the recorded attendance. It includes descriptions of worked hours with completed tasks, reasons for absence and more. There is also real time and illustrated outlines of the hours worked, compared with the site resources budget to ensure top notch service.

Is Traxxeo’s software for you?

If you want to:

  • Drastically reduce operational costs
  • Ensure worker safety and compliance
  • Remotely manage multiple projects

The Traxxeo software is a one stop platform for projects efficiency.Time is money and Traxxeo’s resource management platform can help you save both.

Simplify your fleet management with Traxxeo

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