VMA Druart chooses TRAXXEO for the digitisation of its payroll

Company details :  

  • Specialist in HVAC and electric control system installations 
  • 230 employees  
  • Part of the VMA Group 
  • 50 million turnover in 2019  
  • +/- 50 sites  managed in parallel every year  
  • Head office : Charleroi (Belgium) and operational base in Alost 

Building on its expertise in multi-technique installations for the construction sector, VMA Druart has experienced strong growth in recent years due mainly to its development in the two regions of the country. The group offers technological, innovative and durable solutions for long-term collaborations.  

With the management of more than 50 sites in parallel and numerous projects every year, and nearly 230 employees, VMA Druart has become a major player in Belgium. Among its recent key projects VMA Druart boasts the Charleroi Police tower and the Rive Gauche shopping centre. 

Boiler room of its new head office in Charleroi NOVOTEL boiler room VMA Druart decided to start working with TRAXXEO in August 2019, with the aim of digitising the timesheet process and ending the traditional collection of hours which had always been done with paper forms.  

A considerable time saving in the office and on sites  

Collating the hours worked by employees was a laborious and inefficient internal process. Before the implementation of the TRAXXEO application, manual data entry meant numerous errors every month, forms got lost along the way and the data entry was often repetitive.  

According to Hughes Baudin, HR Officer for the VMA Group, the automation of payroll data was becoming a critical need for administrative teams and human resources. In his opinion it was important for his teams to be able to concentrate on work that adds value in order to make the business more intelligent, transparent and, therefore, more competitive.  

A long-term partnership for future challenges  

According to Hughes, after having identified together this primary need last summer, the group quickly realised that the services and products offered by TRAXXEO were not limited simply to timesheets. “These days, we are all aware of the development of digital applications which seek to digitalise our sector. And when deciding to invest in external tools it is imperative to consider the full product offering in order to avoid having to find a new partner for every need.  

Replace paper or Excel sheets to collect on site hours worked

TRAXXEO quickly demonstrated the suitability of their robust and complete offering for the management of mobile resources in the field. We are therefore relying on this trusted partner, conscious that this is the first step of many towards the digitalisation of our business processes and tools.” 

“Before TRAXXEO’s implementation, manual data entry meant numerous errors. TRAXXEO has been able to make the difference through its ease of use.”  

Hughes Baudin, HR officer VMA Druart

A clear and fast return on investment 

Mr Baudin has been able to quickly see a reduction in resources for collating payroll data, increased control in their daily management, data which arrives in head office much faster than previously, and an integrated tool enabling the simultaneous linking of the timesheet data with the attendance declaration requirement on site and movement controls. These features help VMA Druart teams to better understand what is happening across their numerous sites.   

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