How to implement a digital time management process

Guide: how to implement a digital time management system & process.


  • The move towards connected sites
  • Measuring activity, the digital challenge
  • The 6 steps for successful implementation
  • Checklist for a construction sector app

The construction sector has long been the poor relation of the digital transition. However, there are many challenges to be addressed, but with the potential for a significant increase in productivity.

Capturing data on human and material resources in the field is part of this. Yet this task is still done too often through inefficient processes (paper, Excel spreadsheets, etc.).

Adopting a digital time and activity management system is the solution to alleviate this challenge and enable the optimization of site resource management. However, implementing software can turn out to be a challenging process.

This guide will help you to move through each step with ease, and ensure successful integration and adoption.

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