Six Construct is digitizing its Time and Quantity tracking with Traxxeo

Six Construct (BESIX group Middle East) is digitizing its Time and Quantity tracking with Traxxeo, the software editor for construction companies

The Traxxeo team is delighted to announce its collaboration with Six Construct, a reference company in the construction industry in the Middle East. 
As a subsidiary of the international BESIX Group, Six Construct entered the Gulf market in 1965 and has been in charge of major construction projects in the area ever since. Key reference projects include the Burj KhalifaDubai Waste-to-Energy project or the new Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi. 

To increase its performance on construction phases and the management of site workers, Six Construct chose Traxxeo to streamline its Time, Activities and Quantities Planning and Tracking. 
Traxxeo’s digital and complete solution will enable Six Construct to: 

  • Streamline multiple key processes such as the daily teams micro-planning (tasks & targets), teams activity tracking and production data tracking 
  • Significantly improve the quality of the collected data 
  • Have better and faster insights on projects’ progress and productivity,  
  • Integrate collected data into BIM model & macro planning systems 
  • Save time both on site and off site,  
  • Improve payroll and HR processes, with higher data quality and less errors, 
  • Increase people empowerment and communication, 
  • Improve productivity on & off site. 

The Traxxeo team would like to sincerely thank Six Construct’s people for this successful collaboration. We are committed to help Six Construct stay ahead of the game in the coming years!

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