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  • Simplify the work of site managers who have immediate access to data
  • Eliminate multiple inputting, the information is taken at source, you empower your teams, the work is done in the field
  • Improve the responsiveness of financial monitoring of the site because you get immediate access to the hours declared per job

Digital timesheet app - construction software

More than just a software

The expert team will set-up of the solutions, train your team and provide you with advice. This is why a one-time onboarding fee will be charged.
At any time, contact our support staff by phone, email or online chat, to get advice on the use of the platform and to handle your technical requests.

Frequently asked questions:

Does Traxxeo integrate the collected data into payroll and ERP systems ?

Integrating the collected data into company IT systems is one of Traxxeo’s key functions. We have undertaken numerous integrations with ERP (e.g. SAP, Navision, KPD,…) and payroll systems (e.g. SDWorx, Securex, GroupeS, Horoquartz,…).

Is it possible to upload our list of employees, worksites, budget structures,... into Traxxeo?

Is it possible for a team leader to record the worked hours of a team member?

What is the typical return on investment of such applications?