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Automate your full payroll process, from field data collection to the pay

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Use smartphone or tablet to enable field data collection

  • Digital timesheet per person or team
  • iOS, Windows, Android apps
  • Permanent access with offline mode
  • Photo report and snagging

Get cloud based administrative platform tailored to your needs

  • Multi-level cost structure
  • Automated activity reports
  • Absence and holiday planning

Customise the software to your own specifications

  • Work & absence codes
  • Hours declaration modes (start/end, minutes/hours, …)
  • Daily allowance information (transport mode, distance, …)
  • Role based validation


Boost productivity by scaling to planning, automation and field reports

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All Essential features +

Enhance work with smart actions

  • Pre-filled timesheets based on team planning
  • Automated data processing to manage extra-hours
  • Automated alerts based on company rules (maximum hours)
  • Automated controls based on geolocation data

Plan your workers efficiently

  • Work order planning
  • Team planning (soon available)
  • Equipment planning (soon available)
  • Capacity planning (soon available)


Design your path to accelerate digitization and productivity with our experts

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All Professional features +

Integrate fully in your processes

  • A dedicated project manager for your digitisation plan
  • Quarterly impact review after implementation
  • Tailor-made features development
  • Advice from our industry experts

Digitise extra processes

  • Holiday request
  • Progress report
  • Delivery note
  • Purchase report
  • Requests for warehouse manager
  • Equipment inventory reports

Recommended bundles

Presence control app


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  • Workers declaration to administration
  • Administrative document status
  • Security training status



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  • Vehicle and machine geolocation
  • HR, KM counters
  • Capture extra data using digital or analogic I/O
  • Driver and passenger identification using RF badges

Field activity control


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  • Identify activities on predefined locations and unknown locations
  • Automatic cost report based on geolocation
  • Mobility allowances

Planning tools


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  • Work order planning
  • Team planning (soon available)
  • Equipment planning (soon available)
  • Capacity planning (soon available)

Integrations to help every department succeed

Wether for Human resource to connect with their payrool management system, the Finance to plug in ERP system or the Project Engineer to empower on its onsite tools, TRAXXEO will make sure all the connections are done between your existing platforms.

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More than just a software tool

More than just a software

The expert team will set-up of the solutions, train your team and provide you with advice. This is why a one-time onboarding fee will be charged.
At any time, contact our support staff by phone, email or online chat, to get advice on the use of the platform and to handle your technical requests.

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Calculate your ROI

Calculate your ROI

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realise by implementing our digital timesheet solution.
Enter your current site resources and number of projects on a yearly basis to calculate your potential results, then download your personal report to get more insights.

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What our clients say

Traxxeo solutions provide considerable savings in time, administrative follow-up and ressource management for our technicians and our vehicle fleet.

Digitising the collection of our operational data has enabled us to step up our efficiency and gain better control over each project.

Frequently asked questions:

Does Traxxeo integrate the collected data into payroll and ERP systems ?

Integrating the collected data into company IT systems is one of Traxxeo’s key functions. We have undertaken numerous integrations with ERP (e.g. SAP, Navision, KPD,…) and payroll systems (e.g. SDWorx, Securex, GroupeS, Horoquartz,…).

Is it possible to upload our list of employees, worksites, budget structures,... into Traxxeo?

Is it possible for a team leader to record the worked hours of a team member?

What is the typical return on investment of such applications?

Your paperless construction sites

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