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Your company’s security and welfare are a prime top-tier concern. A badge access system is indispensable to protect your business information, staff members, and property. But, what does an access control system mean?

When visualizing a badge access system, the image that occupies most individuals’ minds is a person providing a card punch with a ‘badge up’ to release a barrier or open the door to get out of or into a construction. Of course, this feature is the core purpose for several installations.

The Traxxeo badge access door system and other modern construction access control systems go far beyond controlling people who can get out of or into construction. This revealing article will explore how you can use the Traxxeo access control system application as an effective software to benefit an organization and boost business efficiency.

Don’t hesitate to go for the Traxxeo badge access software! Secure your worksites and guarantee legal compliance by trusting the most advanced and complete access control system.

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Access control management: a matter of security and compliance

Whether you need to protect data or prevent access to a site, access control is always a matter of security. Either situation can lead to heavy consequences. A data leak into the wrong hands can put an entire company at risk. And an unwanted visitor on a construction site can lead to severe injuries or dramatic accidents. Not to mention the risk of financial fines in case of control by the authorities.

The main objectives of access control management in the construction industry:

  • Protecting the worksite against thieves of damage
  • Securing the worksite, ensure workers’s security
  • Ensuring compliance and avoiding fines or sanctions
  • Counter illegal work and social dumping

When choosing an access control system to secure a job site, you need to ensure the software will ensure the 2 main needs: improving site security while guaranteeing workers legal compliance.

This means controlling access is not only about a door opening system. It needs to be backed up by a robust compliance control solution.

What is the best system for access control management?

The question of what is the best system for access control management is not as simple to answer as you might think. There are a lot of different technologies on the market, and each one has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Do you need an access control system based on biometric features, such as fingerprint? Or do you want your accesses to be managed with badges and cards? On which device do you need to be able to manage accesses ?

With a strong knowledge in resource management, Traxxeo’s experts will identify the technology most suitable for your specific project.

What are the 3 types of access control systems?

With the modern access control systems, you’ll say goodbye to keys – which forms the main advantage of this software. The systems allow you to control those who can enter the job site.

Generally, the market has 3 main types of access control. This include Discretionary access control (DAC), Mandatory access control (MAC) and Role-bases access control (RBAC).

The 3 types of access control systems and their specificities :

  1. Discretionary access control (DAC) allows the owners to decide how many people can enter the site. The business owners have control over access rights for all users. It is one of the least restrictive access control systems and, therefore, not the most secured.
  2. Mandatory access control (MAC): here, only the administrators are given the authority to manage permissions based on users’ classification. It is the strictest and more secure type of access control system, as you need to specifically give access to the users. However, it is always most inflexible and time-consuming when you’re the one to allow or stop access to the site.
  3. Role-bases access control (RBAC): for example, you can give access to a specific job title instead of assigning permissions to individual users. This type falls under the most popular access control systems.

In addition, a fourth type is sometimes identified :

  1. Rule-bases access control: this system is often used to complement another type of access control. It enables the company to add specific rules, like denying access from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Each of these access control types has its downfalls. You have to manage a list (of users, of job titles…), and people who aren’t on this list simply can’t enter the job site. This is called a “closed system.”

Based on the construction industry’s needs for flexibility and maximum security, Traxxeo has developed a specific system to manage site entries.

Choosing the best technology for access management

There are three main technologies for access management: token, card and biometric.

Fingerprint and other biometric features for specific worksites

If fingerprint or retinal check are by far the most secure way to control entries, it is reserved to the most dangerous worksites.

If you don’t work in the nuclear sector, there are good chances you don’t need such technologies.

Furthermore, in France for example, the use of biometric parameters to identify employees is regulated by the legislation. The necessity of using such system has to be proven.

Cloud based system and SaaS software

Cloud-based system and Software as a Service (SaaS) are two terms that have become common language for some.

If cloud based-systems and Service as a Software ones are not exactly the same, those two terms often go together. SaaS software are hosted by a cloud provider. The idea of SaaS software is that everything is managed by the software vendor, who takes care of the development and hosting costs.

The main advantage for the final client is to benefit form all innovative features or any development without having to support the cost of in-house development.

Instead of investing heavily in the development of in-house software, and having to upgrade it over time, the company can simply choose the best existing software that will meet its current needs.

Access management on all devices: smartphone, tablet and PC

Choosing the right technology for managing your access control involves the question: from where do you need access to workers’ data? When managing mobile employees, having visibility over their status or taking action form the field is essential.

That’s why, alongside the general view to manage statuses from the office, you need more portable tools. Where a computer is ideal for getting a view on a large screen, tablets and smartphones are more suitable for getting an overview of the specific situation of a person in the field.

Traxxeo’s access control mobile application offers dedicated functionalities for an optimal management of accesses in the field: check statuses, record controls or take action directly from your smartphone.

What is the Traxxeo Access Control System

Traxxeo badge entry security system’s purpose is to allow entry into a job site only to authorized individuals. The matching brass key and the deadbolt lock were the core access control system components for several years, but modern enterprises demand more.

Besides controlling those who pass through the doors, modern businesses also want to manage and keep an eye on access. Nowadays, keys have left the button to electronic access control systems preferred for offering convenient and hassle-free entry to approved individuals while denying entry to non-accredited persons.

Nowadays, we rely on ID badge access control systems or access cards to enter secured places instead of depending on keys. Also, if you’re new to security badge access systems, you may assume this software is equipped only by the card reader and the card fixed on the door wall.

However, other access control system features are involved, all functioning hand-in-hand to create the technology that approves entry to the right individual. That’s what this article is all about.

Traxxeo access control solution: flexibility and security

The Traxxeo access control system works on 2 main rules :

1. The worker needs to have a specific pass to enter. This can be:

  • An RFID badge
  • A valid QR-code, whether on a document or virtual on a mobile app
  • A justifiable copy or card, under the list of authorized cards/documents (ID card, specific and personal record that identifies the worker)

2. The workers can’t be on the company’s blocklist. This list is established:

  • Manually, when you want to deny access to a specific worker
  • Based on rules and on the workers’ administrative status. Someone who isn’t in executive order can’t enter the job site.

As a result, the Traxxeo badge system gives you maximum flexibility to welcome a new worker on the site and check their admin status from the field while ensuring that someone not in administrative order will never be found on your worksite.

Get a global view of workers’ status and easily manage site access.

The 6 benefits of Traxxeo access control systems

An access control system equipment can protect workers & contents, keep an eye on, and control individuals who can access the buildings.

Beyond the core reason of demanding an extra security layer in a building, there are several other reasons why you need to go for the digital access control systems.

In particular, the Traxxeo access control system is indispensable for maintenance, civil work, facility services, energy, construction, and other industries. These reasons are:

1. Physical security

You should take crucial steps to ensure the safety of workers, equipment, and other assets, particularly in dangerous work environments such as construction. The Traxxeo access door system offers reliable physical access control solutions to ensure undesirable visitors can’t access the site and take anything they want.

Construction sites, civil work, and nuclear worksites deserve robust physical security and safety. Employee theft, vandalism, and robbery are some security risks you can mitigate by controlling who can access your job site with authorized entry controls.

2. Compliance

In recent years, compliance has remained the core driver for businesses to go for security badge access systems. Most security managers/executives, when encountering breaches, can face problems if they haven’t been adhering to several certifications.

With Traxxeo, access control is based on up-to-date compliance checks of workers. For instance:

  • Admin status: someone can’t enter without a work permit or valid documents
  • Rules: someone who doesn’t follow the regulations in several cases may be barred from accessing the job site
  • Formation and accreditation: someone must have received specific training to enter the site

3. User experience & authentication

With Traxxeo, you’ll have an access control system that allows quick and secure authentication through multiple ways (badge RFID, mobile app, QR code, ID card and more).

You can couple the Traxxeo access control software with any type of access control system to adapt itself to the process in place and guarantee the best user experience.

For the site manager, this means less time spent manually managing access and controlling workers. The management of access control is partially automated and checks are carried out in one minute, based on up-to-date data.

4. Improved payroll efficiency

Traxxeo software supplies information in a format accepted by payroll packages. Data are directly and automatically analysed. Anomalies are resolved in real time.

Therefore, it eliminates the error-prone/tiresome process of updating member attendance information manually.

This feature results in efficiency upgrades and valuable savings in the payroll-related departments of medium to large-sized companies. The feature also enhances substantial savings for larger organizations.

By completing the access control data, it is possible to have a reliable, accurate, and complete clocking in and out, guaranteeing a precise payroll for workers, with a minimum of effort for the HR teams. This is where comprehensive software such as Traxxeo really pays off.

When payroll errors can lead to strikes, loss of worker confidence and motivation, and poor employer branding, there is no doubt that payroll efficiency is critical to the retention of your talent, and therefore to the successful completion of your projects.

5. Enhanced facility security

Whether a construction site or another job site, ensuring that only authorized individuals access the area leads to better security. The Traxxeo application allows you to avoid material damage, injuries, thefts, accidents, and more.

With the construction industry known for its high accident and theft rates, improving facility security is essential to protect both profits and workers.

6. Save costs

With Traxxeo, you’ll:

  • Avoid fines (because of finding yourself not being in order every time control of worksite compliance occurs)
  • Save access control management time: Traxxeo’s complete offer saves time in managing & controlling administrative documents of workers.
  • Get access to the platform for document management powered by IA
  • Get access to a mobile app to check compliance from the field & take action (for example, by adding a worker’s missing document directly from the site and giving them access.)
  • Enjoy efficiency in all aspects of Access Control management

Traxxeo — The perfect solution for you

Are you looking for a flexible control system with maximum security?

  • Gain complete control over the entry onto your worksite
  • Get maximum visibility on your workers’ presence and compliance status
  • Avoid fines by ensuring total compliance of your worksite, with minimum effort

Maximize security while saving time to your team with Traxxeo’s complete access management system. Hesitate no more! Contact us to discover more about this application or schedule a personalized demo of this product!

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