Site access control system Traxxeo

A centralized access control system for all your sites

Secure your site entrances and ensure legal compliance at all times. Manage access with ease, directly on-site or from the office.

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Why choose Access Control to manage your site access?

Manage site entry for your employees and sub-contractors in a centralized manner.
Be alerted to any anomaly and take action instantly, wherever you are.
Secure your sites and guarantee full compliance.

Why adopt a site access control system?

  • Management of all employees, sub-contractors and visitors within a single platform.
  • Management of access according to the current administrative status.
  • Multi-criteria control process: safety induction, legal order, personal history, etc.
  • Automatic processing of collected data.
  • Aggregated view of attendance on your sites.
  • Attendance checks by sub-contractors, by batches etc.
  • Flexibility and integration possible with existing access control systems or installation of intelligent clock-in machines.
  • Simple and effective process, limiting the risk of fines in the event of audits.
  • Avoid thefts and accidents thanks to closed sites.

Document management platform for site access control

Access control based on current data, to ensure full compliance

Manage staff access according to their administrative status, safety induction level, history, etc. The data is updated continuously in order to ensure optimal safety and security.

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access control with RFID badge, QR code, labels

Multi-channel registration: RFID badges, QR code, stickers…

Control access through the use of RFID badges, QR codes, RFID stickers, BTP card, identity card, etc. Register new workers or visitors through the mobile app.

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Mobile application for access management and site attendance control

Take corrective action in the field

Enable the site manager to take action directly in the field: undertake and record checks, refuse access, add a document, regularize a worker, etc.

Access control equipment: turnstiles, barriers, doors, gates

Turnkey solution: we install the equipment, or we can integrate with your existing systems

Turnstiles, barriers, doors, gates… select the equipment that is most suited to your sites, or combine the Access Control software with your existing systems.

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The functionalities that make the difference

Real-time access management, on-site or in the office

Full compliance through automatic checks of workers’ administrative status

Register new workers and visitors on-site

Take corrective actions on-site: add documents, close sites, etc.

Global overview of site attendance for everyone, at any time.

Almost entirely automated access management, which provides easy but optimal control.

What our customer say

Traxxeo, a management platform that is
simple • comprehensive • flexible

Secure site access.
With ease.

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