Much more than just a digital tools supplier, Traxxeo is a partner for the digitalisation of your data collection processes for all types of maintenance work

Traxxeo’s suite of tools is deployed according to your needs in order to ensure the best possible implementation, a fast return on investment and transparent data transfer which is fully aligned with your internal ecosystem of tools.

Through its numerous clients, Traxxeo has already been involved in the construction of over 1200 projects across Europe

  • Facility management
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Mechanics
  • Machine maintenance

Professions that will benefit from our management tools:

  • Site technicians
  • Site managers
  • HR and administrative management
  • Financial management
  • Top-level management
  • Planners

Help maintenance to perform better in the management of their site workers:

  • Digitalisation of tracking of hours worked per project
  • Automated payroll processing and increased profitability per project
  • Work scheduling
  • Digitalisation of work reporting

Help maintenance to perform better in the management of their mobile assets:

  • Geolocation of vehicles
  • Tracking of work and usage rates
  • Invoicing automation
  • Equipment tracking

TRAXXEO is a platform for managing your site resources to help you improve the efficiency of your daily work and ensure productivity on the ground

Enjoy a quick return on your investment

2-10% savings made by our clients

97% of users are satisfied

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Traxxeo has set itself the goal of revolutionising site resource management in order to make the various processes more efficient. Don’t wait any longer to find out about the full suite of tools that Traxxeo can develop for you!

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