Increase worksite compliance with digital document management

Internalize your document management, automatize workflows and share files with third parties easily.

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Why use DocXchange ?

Boost your worksite compliance through artificial intelligence.
Ensure safety and administrative compliance for all workers and stakeholders.

Why monitor attendance on site?

  • Centralize all your documents into a unique platform
  • Transform PDF, PNG, etc. into intelligent data thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Collect subcontractor documents and share with clients easily
  • Get the codified list of documents needed by type of worker
  • Ensure document validity at all time thanks to automatic checks
  • Get notified when documents are outdated or non-valid
  • Make sure all worker’s admin status are compliant through automatic checks & alerts

Administrative document management platform

Digital management platform powered by artificial intelligence

Significantly reduce manual and repetitive tasks with state-of-the-art image recognition technology.

Document management from the field

Ensure your workforce compliance by having instant access to your staff’s admin status from the worksite through an easy-to-use mobile app.

  • Upload new documents directly from the field
  • Access your database from the mobile app
  • Create & complete new profiles
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Get visibility, take action

Get visibility on worker presence

Control worker admin
and training status

Keep a record of carried-out controls

Consult worker documentation

Take action based on up-to-date data

Ensure the compliance and security of people on-site

What our clients say

We have gained in efficiency and responsiveness in our attendance monitoring and worksite declarations;

Thanks to great flexibility and visibility on the field & efficient document management from the office.

Versatile tools which can be adapted according
to your internal challenges

The future is in your hands!

Do you have a question or would you like to learn more about how to adapt your processes to improve their efficiency? Contact us for a fast response.

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