Solutions Operational data collection How much time does your HR assistant spend on entering employees’ time sheets into your IT systems at the end of every month?

Why not use a digital version of your time sheets?

Paper is replaced with a user-friendly application that is directly accessible from a smartphone or a tablet:

  • No more traditional time sheets which had to be manually completed once a week and handed in to the HR department, no more double or triple data entry efforts, etc.
  • Digital forms allow for easy entry, and electronic validation and transmission.
  • The data are immediately available to the HR department and the account managers. You keep control over the costs incurred for each project.
  • Avoid data entry errors thanks to a user-friendly interface, multiple choices, etc.
  • The application adapts to your time sheet validation processes (team leader, work supervisor, HR manager)
  • The data are easily integrated into your ERP and payroll software.

Formats geared to your trade Traxxeo has time sheets with different presentations:

Per worker / week

Per construction site / day

Per team / day

The content of our timing sheets adapts to your company. The data that are typically included in these records are :

  • financial code: project or case number
  • work performance code: normal duties, overtime, sickness, bad weather, etc.
  • # hours
  • break-down of the time spent on each activity type
  • comments regarding the work performed
  • travel area, basket, travel allowance

Our application runs on all operating systems:

Disponible sur IOS, Android et Windows phone

Need a personalised time sheet? We are happy to create one for you!

We guide you every step of the way so that the time sheet we jointly create EXACTLY meets your needs. In doing so, we make sure that the adoption of the new tool by your teams occurs naturally and with great ease.

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Application personnalisée

Empower your teams The constructions sites are at the heart of all data collections

The data are immediately available!

  • The account manager gets to follow up each project at very close quarters.
  • The duties of your HR department are made a lot easier.