Solutions Your paperless construction sites Do your labourers complete paper forms?

Do you believe that one day your labourers will be using their smartphone to complete your forms?

A solution entirely geared to the processes of your trade:

  • Designed for and with construction industry companies
  • Construction site progress reports, history photos, punch lists, schedules of condition, delivery notes/equipment returns, technical procedure, Health & safety training sessions, etc

Going paperless?
What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced traceability
  • Data immediately available / shared between the people on the ground and central management
  • Documents automatically ranged per construction site, per project, per manager, per cost centre.

No network?
No problem!

  • Our solution operates in mode semi-connected mode:

    • The worker has access to all functionalities, even if the terminal has no signal
    • When the terminal regains signal, the data to be sent are transmitted to the cloud, and all planned jobs are automatically synchronised.

A problem at the building site? The engineers of the engineering and design department immediately have the photo report from your workers on the ground.


The digital revolution is in full swing in the construction industry. Get on board and act now!
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Intervention management process

  • 1. You plan
    • Assign a particular job to a specific worker
    • Link the relevant documents to the various jobs (drag & drop the documents)
    • Specify the intervention address
    • Transmit date to any given person’s mobile terminal
    • Retrieve the data / forms relating to the intervention
    • Photos, signatures.
  • 2. Your teams have a smartphone / table app to manage their duties and to enter their reports
    • Planning visualisation
    • Job status management
    • Entering one or several configurable forms
    • Taking photos
    • Notes on photos
    • Signature of your technician and/or your customer
  • 3. You get to follow up on the activities in real time and consult the reports
    • Track your resources, customers and construction sites
    • Visualise the progress of the various jobs assigned
    • Consult the reports and photos